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Focus Potion

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Yep, I tend to just spray this one straight in my face with eyes closed. I have the UN in 60:40 alcohol/silicone, so it's a bit gross and oily at first, but I rub it around a bit and it sinks in. Once I had the bright idea of trying to spritz it kind of up my nose, but from a distance (so I wasn't phero-snorting or anything). That was kind of a weird mistake. No nostrils were harmed in the course of this experiment, but it was less than pleasant and- it occurs to me now- more than slightly insane.


Don't phero-snort kids. Just say no.


Thanks for the laughs, Vladmyra!!!


Ironic to read this today. I was doing the 5-6 like Ducky mentioned, but today opted for straight in the face, eyes closed with 3 sprays. And, no, no phero-snorting was done. :smiley-laughing024:

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Don't phero-snort kids. Just say no.




(I confess to having been tempted to try it, though!)

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Hi, wondering if anyone gets a similar vibe with this as they do with Dominance? @halo0073 @Dolly? I've been wearing it for the past two days and let's just say it's not going well for my ex-husband, I've come down with a case of "And another thing!!!"

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