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Alright, first off, I am glad that we have a seperate review section for these fabulous goodies. I cant wait to read more!


I myself got the B&B Sampler, I figure this was a good way to start to try it all, and well, I like deals :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:


Here is what I got in the LP Red fragrance:


Bubble Bath: This is nice and gives off a good scent of LP Red when I walk into the bathroom and get into the bath. I enjoy bathing in this lovely fragrance. It is just delectable! I only wish the bubbles had lasted a little longer. I found that they went away after a short time in the bath. I prefer bigger more luscious bubbles that stick to you for the duration :blue_dancing_banana: hehee


Body Lotion: JUST divine! GREAT scent and applies nicely, no grease coats skin nicely and good moisture. The LP Red scent stayed on the top of my skin as a sweet kiss. The cinnamon came out nicely too. I want to stalk up on this cuz it is gooood. I actually thought it may be fun to make this into a shimmer lotion as well :)


Massage oil: I am going to have to add to this one as I didnt get to ttest this out to much. I applied some to my hand and liked the feel and smell, but after a bit of extra rubbing I couldnt notice the scent to much and found it to have gone to an unscented (touch of plastic) type of smell. NOW PLEASE dont take this as a certain. I am going to test it out again, and if I still find this, I am going to let it age. THe ladies mentioned that the scents would just bloom with proper aging in these lovelies...and this seems like a perfect candidate for this that would just make sense. :) Hmm, has anyone tried the edible massage? I am VERY curious :019-[Drooling]-[EmoticonKing.co


Cocoa Butter: I do not get a lot of LP RED scent from this one, but have been told to let it age for the scent to really come alive. If I can hold back I will let this age and check how the scent comes out. For now when I use it I get a DELISCIOUS Cocoa/Chocolatie scent that is very nice and not overpowering. This has a good consistancy for slathering on dry skin needing love and extra moisture. As a hand lotion (on my hands) I found it a touch greasy, but this doesnt stay long and only helps to moisturize the skin. I will probably get this goodie again in a couple other scents that blend well with chocolate. I am also wanting to try some of the other butters so I can compare them all.


Bath Salts....I have them and have yet to try them :smilies-23596: Perhaps tonight....I will keep you posted :)


well off to bathe and slather... :choochookris7fo:

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Like cc, i bought the bubble bath and reg. body lotion in LP red.

when i first got them i was worried as the scent was really light in the products, i basically left them alone for awhile (month plus), now i notice the scent seems to be deepening.

getting more yummy and more LP red delicious.

cc is right, the bubble bath isn't too bubbly but that's probably due to m & d being prudent about what bath bubble base they use. i still don't get much LP red scent on me from taking a bath though.

The lotion is lovely and soaks right into my parched, alberta skin. again, a very light Lp red fragrance. it's pretty much gone after half an hour.

i enjoy the lotion and bubble in red, but don't feel that this scent has much staying power on me.

maybe i'll splurge on b & b in black!

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Oh wow! Didn't know that LP does bath and body stuff until I looked above the scent reviews (silly me lol)


Dang, this sounds so gooood, I wonder if we could do them with pheros too (or would the pheros fade out too fast?) hmm...

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I got the Shea Butter with Love Potion Red...this is just wonderful :love: It is not greasy at all,very moisturizing,and believe me,living in the desert,I know :( I have even put some on my dry heels and can already tell the difference,and wow,a little goes a long way!


Hmmm now I wonder if this can also be made with Occo Red,for an extra charge,of course...but would it be a good idea?

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I imagine that might be more than the normal B&B item due to the cost of the OCCO, but you could always get it in NoCo Red if you wanted at the regular price, if it's just the scent you want.

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Well,actually,I wanted the cops :) I just did not know how it would translate to the cream format...reading further,I see Cuddle Bunny being used,there are cops in CB,so it should work.


Probably best just to mail when I am ready,there are some other things I want to try 1st yet...and then each month comes along with more stuff I did not know I needed...heh

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