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Overexposure to pheros?

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So I detailed my Intellectual Woman debacle in another thread, basically an entire bottle of IW leaked out in my cloth purse. I'm not sure when it happened but I noticed it today, now I'm wondering if being exposed to extremely high doses (like a bottles worth!) of IW would cause adverse effects. I know it leaked out in my car because I can smell the pheros & some leaked out on to my dining room table, does anyone know how long pheros hang around when not on the skin? I'm hoping not too long...


And should I be worried about this huge dose of pheros affecting my kids? They are 5 & 10.

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first off,

a combo of oxyclean and bakingsoda on anything made of cloth works wonders.


i believe pheromones last longer outside of skin due to the idea that bacteria is not breaking it down as fast.

atleast thats what i remember hearing.


Ail will enlighten us, im sure.


id open all windows and air the place out often.


you washed the table im sure, so that shouldnt be a worry.


i have to laugh a little,

because the only time i was literally spraying large amounts of pheros

was in the truck....

my truck is a moving phero-bomb .


the truth is that my children (7 and 14) dont appear to be wiped-out or sleepy,or cranky or irritable any more than USUAL by traveling in it.


this may be because my windows are always open

and in this humidity, there is probably plenty of phero-eating bacteria,LOL.


adverse reactions from what i understand would be neurotransmitter burn out

because the pheros keep them constantly firing,

and evidence might be unusual irritability, unusual sadness, sleepiness.


even with this said,

it doesnt mean if you see this that the pheros are the cause.

mom's intuition would be better served there.

and lets say it IS that, and you want to remedy it?

drinking water, taking vitamins, and a good nap will usually put things right.


i cant speak for a child, but i have experienced burnout and its NOT fun,

but it hasnt hurt me.


lets see what Ail has to say.

im sure she will put your mind at ease.

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