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DH wore this the other day..emailed me "I keep smelling my wrist - get me a bottle of 11 and put some good pheros in it."


I had to break it to him gently...long time gone, baby. Long time gone.

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Ooh, I'll have to wear this tomorrow, too! Hey, Liz--do you have scents with other numbers in them that you could combine to make 11...? Or wipe off a teeny bit to make 11, like 12th Night?


do have 12th Night, LP #9 oh and B2= 11...... ELEVEN !! woo hoo !!



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This is an older thread but I have been curious about this one for awhile... I always see 11's. Usually 11:11 on clocks, but the number 11 shows up in other weird ways (like an order number at a deli or on a receipt) but always in a way as if to say "here I am - #11". In numerology, both my birthdate and birthname go to 11 - which means my "life path" number is, yes, ELEVEN. So... finally scored a sample of this and I have to say it is incredible and difficult to describe. You know that smell when you walk into a candleshop or new age apothocary? That feel good buzz that just envelopes you, yet you can't identify any particular note? That's 11. A whirling dervish of scents impossible to pin down. That being said, I would prefer this as a wax melt, room or pillow spray. I did apply it - not even very much - on my wrists and after an hour I felt like I was high or something; really in a 'fog'. Not sure of 11's 'intent' as a perfume. Just maybe what I felt is exactly "it" - overindulgence (of fragrance notes in this case) and the resulting brain "fog", LOL. It seems to waft between wonderful and overbearing for me... can't imagine what it will do to those in my "wake"... we shall see.

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