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Erin's Creamy Dragon Plum


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My package came today!! Yey!

I didn't expect my custom to be in with everything else, I thought it'd take a while longer and come later...but I'm thrilled it arrived today :2182:

It's gorgeous!

The scents I chose for this one were Dragon's Blood, heavy & sweet cream, and ripe & juicy plum.


I asked that Dragon's Blood be the predominant note, softened and smoothed by the cream, with the plum not overpowering...and that's EXACTLY what I got.

I was worried it would maybe be a little too sweet, but, nope...it's perfect.

This truly is a smooth, creamy Dragon's Blood scent with a ripe, juicy plum kick that's blends wonderfully with the DB.

The whole thing is warm, comforting, sensual, purple-y goodness and I can't stop sniffing myself since I put it on.

Awesome job, ladies...you never disappoint.

I am thrilled, as always! :2182:

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Dragon's blood with sneaky wafts of tart juicy plums. The cream also tones it down. Glad I got a bottle!

if anyone would like, to split their bottle of AVV or blueberry bomb or hot treacle trollop for half my bottle of this though let me know.

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To me this has a similar character to Sweetly Smutty Lusty Musky except the emphasis is on the sweet rather than the smut. But it still hints at exotic pursuits, heh. The Dragon's Blood is wonderfully rich and it is indeed smoothed by the cream, but the plum gives it a candy-like quality, almost. I don't really sense the honey, but overall this is very lush and yummy!

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It depends on the source, IMO. Sometimes it has a very sort of overwhelmingly cherry thing happening, othertimes more of a dry resin incense evocation. It's itself, does that make sense? Once you smell dragon's blood you can almost always pick it out of a blend, or at least that's how it works for me.


Ivy: from the description:

Sweetened with a touch of Honey.
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all my sugared blends tend to have at least a touch of "smut" i them, what can i say? i LOVE dragon's blood, but wanted this one to be not quite as head-shop and over the top smutty as the last smutty one so i went for the cream and plum mix with it.

think it came out quite delectable and velvety smooth!



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This one is yummy!!


my skin amps on the dragon blood note, and I get some creamy yet slighty juicy yumminess in the background.


It's not very foody cause its more balanced with classiness. I can see someone wearing a dark purple dress and raven black hair wearing this...ooooh sexy!

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I tried a sample and this is absolutely delicious! Hope there is still some out there floating around.

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