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Shelly B's Lascivious Peach

Shelly B

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Bumping this thread.


It's been months since I last use this scent. As my opened bottle box is already full (opened and unopened bottles are kept separately), I tend to test and use up my sniffees and sample vials first. The other night, I decided to pamper myself so I opened a bottle of this for slathering. It is still as sexy and beautiful as I remember it to be. Perhaps I should use some of this today.

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Oh wow, I got some of this in a trade and tried it last night. I am so glad I have a bottle of this -- it is really a very unique scent! And yes, very very naughty, somethin I would never wear to work for sure!


The interesting part is that it reminds me of Chanel no. 5. Definite aldehyde-y notes to my nose. (no one else described it this way - I wonder if it has matured in some way since its brewing). I even compared it to my bottle of knock-off Chanel no. 5. Yes it is similar. But more musky and more fruity. I've always liked 5 but its not quite me -- to lady-like and too many old ladies wear it. But add the musky, dirty, peach and its alot more me :-)


After sleeping in it, this morning it is just a barely there skin musk.

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