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Sugared Cardamom


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Oh wow, I nearly melted into a puddle with this one.


Wet: It's very faint cardamom and sugar. I could barely smell anything.


Dry: It blooms into a gorgeous, edible spiciness that's soft (not at all in your face) but evelopes you as almost a skin scent.


12 hours(!) later, it was still there, and just as beautiful as at the beginning. Yes, this is on the bottle list.

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This was another one I had to let age for a while; I like how the sugar tempers the spiciness of the cardamom...which can be an incredibly powerful note in perfumery (to the extent of crowding out all the other notes in a blend), but this is like cinnamon-and-sugar with a kick. I can see myself layering this with other Sugareds for a touch of heat.

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