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Bosom Bows original

Cat's Eye/Bastet

Compromising Positions

Closer/Tabby (with or without pheros...the scent is wow)

Mara's Rocket Fuel


*all subject to change upon new arrivals lol

cant wait to try audacious and bang, lol

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Hmmm.. Wish i can try out all the amazing new perfume >.<

I"ve been using orchid rose + heart& soul a lot lately :)


With every breath,

The hunter and the woodland nymph

Denise's musky white orchid

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Garland & Lace V1,S'More Than A Feeling,Glistening Buttons,Liz's Ebil Sugared Ginger Cookies,LP Red with Occo Red...ah hell,I cannot pick just five :w00t:


MRF2,Unisexy,Captivation Equation,Regal Confection Beth's Blushing Milkmaid,All Hallow's Eve,Dolce far Niente,Compromising Positions,Darling Clementine,Velvet Kisses,Gianduja,Reindeer Bait,Frosted...ok that is enough,for this month :rofl222:

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I want to play too!


My current top 5 are:


Sensual Harmony



Ravenwing´s White Forest Cake

Tyvey´s Black Cherry Rose


My bf´s top 5:


Tyvey´s Black Cherry Rose

Tyvey´s Mangoish

Lindee´s Autumnal Apples

Girly Twirly

Mamelons de Cerise

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I have done this list more than a few times and I know my list is 100% changed.


Enchanted Wonderland

Cat's Eye

Compromising Positions


Hera's Eye

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@LV & Halo - Special D really doesn't work for my nose. Maybe it's my twisted expectations. I'm staying away while you ladies have access to the rest of the smelly.


My current top 5 favorites are LP Pink, Sparkle Fuschia, Compromising Position, BBM and Babes in the Woods.

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