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This week:


The Garage

Tonka Musk

Gonna break out Sandy Bottom

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Current top 5 (not in any order bc love them all and sometimes layer a couple of 'em at a time). Already posted so much LOVE on forum, no surpises here.


Lady V's Sweet Pussycat

Beach Bunny and Surfer Dude

LP Pink


Cougar - because well, it's awesomeness must be mentioned and want to ensure it gets love so it always stays PERM. hee


Most honorable mentions (also bc I can sometimes layer with any of the above)

Crescendo with Topper

OCCO Ambrosia

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I haven't done this in awhile, but here goes.....my top 5 this week.....


1. Caressful Breeze

2. LP Black

3. Sex and Violins

4. Dolly's Wet and Nasty

5. LPLE w/BI

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LP Rouge

Terra Mater

Honeyed LP

Purple Puff


Summer Belle


couldn't just do 5 :)

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1.Levitation scented

2. LP Pink

3. Sweet Surrender

4. OCCO Pink & OCCO Ambrosia

5. Gypsum White

6. Flying Potion..it's too wonderful not to mention!! ;)

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The five that I find myself wearing most after a thematic day...

Love Potion: Blue

Totem: Bear

Tonka Musk

Katerina Suit

Christine's Tropical Musk (because it's summer)

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Well I've only been here for a couple of months and thus far have smelled only several dozen LPMP fragrances. So my list of faves may be ever-changing, as I try out more and more. But as of right now, my Top Ten favorite LPMP fragrances are:


1. Feelin' Groovy

2. Mango Tango

3. Summertime Blue

4. Butterfly Kisses

5. Mysteries of the Orient

6. Betrothal Potion

7. Sugared Peaches

8. Sugared Plumeria

9. Sugared Grapefruit

10. Sugared Cardamom

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These days my favorites are

1) Flying Potion. I wear this ALL THE TIME. It's just so bright and pretty . . . I'm thrilled it has come back and I'm getting ready to put in an order for a whole bunch.

2) Super for Women. Trying to ration this, as I have only a bit left. But I love, love it so.

3) Sugared Bonfire

4) There's like a "holy trinity" of autumn scents for me: Halloween Moon, Hallowtide, Gianduja. I'm cycling through those about every other day, and I'll be continuing to do so until about Thanksgiving.

5) Gothic Christmas . . . But not on me. It's my favorite thing for my guy, possibly ever.


It's so cool to see how big this thread has gotten over the years . . . I still wish I'd started a "top ten" instead of a "top five," though!

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Do I have to separate UNs from from any scents (w/ pheros or w/out?)

If only scents (w/ our w/out phero):


LP Pink

OCCO White (only have sniffie, must get FB)

LP Black


Beach Bunny & Surfer Dude


For Uns:







Of course listing this out reminds me of my huge wish list, plus pheromas around the corner!!

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Most recently:


Pink Elf

Totem: Goat


Dom Noire

Mark's Girl Nip

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Velvet and Steel

Pouncing Potion

Gretna Green


(depending on the day)

Steamy Daydreams/221B/Willow's Carress


Five Favourite Sugareds:


Oak Moss



Almond /cocoa butter..depends on whether I mix a combo of sugars.


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Oooh, how fun! Mine, at least for now, are:


1. Lady Suzy's Snow Leopard

2. Glass Slipper

3. Halo's Cocoa Lily

4. Amphitrite

5. I have no idea. Pumpkin Juice Cocktail? Totem: Tiger? Eye of the Storm? Unisexy? I don't know!!!

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The Sigils landed. My top five have changed.


Velvet and Steel/Bonnie/Gretna Green..now sold out. Boo Hoo

Revised list as follows:


One True Love

Sugared Hay

Eve of Darkness

Protection Potion

221B/Steamy Daydreams (depends on the day/setting)

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