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It really depends on my mood, but the scents I reach for on a consistent basis lately are:

1. Rocket Fuel

2. BAM Buttercream Peach (what ever will I do when my bottle is dry?!)

3. Lick of Cream

4. Creamed Honey

5. Steamy Bikini

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Right now, for spring :

Titanic Shades of Rose: Young Rose

Fleurs de Vanille

Lady V's Black Panther

Lovers in the Clovers

Fairy Cake: Sweet Pea


Honorable mentions: LP Blue, Babe in the Woods

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Allumette, first, foremost and forever

All Hallow's Eve 2012

Flying Potion 2013 (and not 2014. That one didn't work on me remotely. Sad, sad!)

A Night at the Round Table

Pizzaz, another one that sold out before I could get a bottle. I'm nursing the sample, but am sad to have missed having it in my life for a full-bottle span. I'm living in hope for a reincarnation or something similar to come into development!

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Right now and not in order



Lucky Van Van with Fairy Cake Honey

Hex Deflection

Vulture and the Egg

Persephone Potion

Octopie of Power needs to be mentioned here as well.


I can never ever pick just 5! ?

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