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It really depends on my mood, but the scents I reach for on a consistent basis lately are:

1. Rocket Fuel

2. BAM Buttercream Peach (what ever will I do when my bottle is dry?!)

3. Lick of Cream

4. Creamed Honey

5. Steamy Bikini

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Right now, for spring :

Titanic Shades of Rose: Young Rose

Fleurs de Vanille

Lady V's Black Panther

Lovers in the Clovers

Fairy Cake: Sweet Pea


Honorable mentions: LP Blue, Babe in the Woods

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Allumette, first, foremost and forever

All Hallow's Eve 2012

Flying Potion 2013 (and not 2014. That one didn't work on me remotely. Sad, sad!)

A Night at the Round Table

Pizzaz, another one that sold out before I could get a bottle. I'm nursing the sample, but am sad to have missed having it in my life for a full-bottle span. I'm living in hope for a reincarnation or something similar to come into development!

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