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treasured hearts vs. Heart and soul?

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Guest Tiffany

Has anyone used both treasured hearts and heart and soul? How would you compare the two? How are they different and which do you like better?

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trying to revive this thread....can't decide which one to full-bottle! I really like my experience with TH, but haven't tried H&S....I wish i could sample it but there are no trial sizes available :(

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Have the same dilemma! Though they other way around. I couldn't decide between Heart & Soul or Treasured Hearts when I ordered the other day, so i went with what I already know I like.


I absolutely love Heart & Soul. It's probably my favorite phero blend. Wondering if anyone can give a brief comparison?

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Dang-- no updates on this one?


Trying to decide what I want to add to a virgin bottle.


I'm wavering between Popularity Potion and Treasured Hearts (never used either) but now I'm like, Heart and Soul?


*back to researching*

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Reviving this thread because I am curious about the differences in effect between Treasured Hearts and Heart and Soul as well!

(there is an older comparison thread too, here, but I am hoping people will have even more to say about them now)


Does anyone have experiences to share with these two?

Do you use them both (alternating) or do you find you prefer one over the other?

If so, in which situations?


They both sound like really good, all round social blends - but if I wanted to add a smidge of cops into the mix on occasion, when a certain gentleman is around, which one would combine best with that?



I was looking for alternatives to Perfect Match, which I am having trouble ordering unscented, so now I find myself torn between these two....

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I just sent you a link to order PM.


Thanks! :)

Emailed you back: that link still gives me 'item unavailable' as soon as I try and go through the Paypal checkout, unfortunately.



Still curious about people's preferences regarding H&S and TH though: I wonder if either of those might not be even better than PM....

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My experience is limited, but:


Treasured Hearts - I have this in Rainbow Falls. I wore it when I was around my ex b/f's mom, who had a tendency to be passive-aggressively evil. It worked wonders, and she was a sweetheart that day.


Perfect Match - I have this in UN oil and in Unisexy. I liked the way it made ME feel (more open, connected, etc), but I didn't notice any effect on the guy that I was with. Might have just been him though. Commitment-phobic jerk.


Heart & Soul - I had this in a trial spray from last year, and it was great. Hard to explain, but I felt like I was the girl-next-door who had become a star. Not glittery, but it seemed like everyone wanted to be around me, and talk to me. Get me things.

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I have both.

H & S ( I have this in spray & oil ) is a wonderful social, feminine phero. A friendly , chatty vibe off women and friendly or more with men. I have really come to love it.


TH took me a bit longer to figure out. With women and girls it definitely softens the vibes and makes for a pleasant happy time. I've been experimenting with this one a lot lately.

I have not really noticed much with men, but I feel it gives a friendly social vibe.

These are really great to experiment with.

IMO, If you've really only dabbled is the SEX-mones it might take more scrutiny to notice any real discernible hit.. but they'll come and you'll begin to pick up on the vibes they create.


If you are trying to figure which to try first I'd say think of the situations you'll be in and with whom.

I started practicing more with TH because of all the Holliday stuff coming and we have had visitors lately.. my aunt just left back to CA after 2 weeks and my other aunt and uncle will be here in a week. With all these women of varying ages ect it's be great fun.


If I'm going to a friendly party and there are more men about or at least an equal mix I go H&S.

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Thank you both!


I'm leaning towards either Perfect Match (which is available, even though the cart won't cooperate for some reason ) or Heart and Soul.


And if I do get H&S now, I will probably get PM next month, perhaps in a spray.


LOL, StacyK, I've hardly dabbled in anything at all yet - only received my first LP order last week! :D

I did try cops for two days and found them pleasant, they made me feel quite cheerful; oddly enough the only effects on others so far seemed to have been women being extra-helpful, the men I've met haven't noticed anything yet (but perhaps I didn't use enough, afraid of overdoing it)


I did try out Bonded (with PM) twice and while I like the effects of the phero (it made me feel carefree and happy, and caused some girls I sort of know to tell me aaaaaalllll about their day; they seemed so delighted to talk to me!) I'm not crazy about the scent it's in.



Still pondering....


I mean, it's not like I won't end up with all of these (and a few more besides) eventually; it's just a matter of deciding which one to get first, finances being rather limited. ;)

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Just a little update: I ended up dropping a handful of samples from the order I was considering, and ordered both Perfect Match and Heart and Soul.


The perfume I have with PM in it (Bonded) does not really suit me as a scent (well, it turns into something really lovely, but it takes about 4 hours to get there...) but the effects so far, both on myself and others, have been wonderful. :heart0974:


Heart and Soul just sounds terrific in a different, less chipper but more 'dear' way....


And I think Treasured Hearts is on my list for next month! ;)

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