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LAM + UN-SS4W & Neaderlicious

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Hehehe, this was my weekend with the air ambulance (I still do shifts every other w/end) :)


So I decided to wear LAM (vanilla), UN-SS4W & Neanderlicious...just to tease the boys a li'll :angel:


On the way to the airport I notice that the pedal on my bike is loose & since I have no tools with me I try & kick it back in place :rolleyes: I manage to get the pedal wedged , 1/2 way in but "crookedly" slanting. As I get to the airport I pop downstairs to the firefighters that we share the building with. I ask if they have any tools I can borrow to fix my bike with. They are all smiles & winks and before I know it, 3 of them are busy fixing my bike :) I just asked to borrow tools but they ended up not only fixing my bike but when I get ready to head home I see that they've also oiled my chain, adjusted the brakes & cleaned it...including the tyres! It literally sparkled!


My lads upstairs also seemed affected. They were very attentive...I got 3 cups of coffee... In 2 hours! :rolleyes: There was a new pilot today that I've never met (probably late 40's/early 50's), who was particularly attentive. When the lads were cracking jokes (and I was laughing along) he suddenly shoots up from his chair & just roars "will you guys stop swearing infront of the lady" & points to me. The whole room goes quiet, he looks a bit flustered & sits back down again as the other lads begin to giggle...they all know I can swear & burp like the best of them :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:


All in all a very successfull combo & an entertaining day! As I leave to head home I hear the new guy go "wooow, did you see her? They didn't make them like that in my day" :lol:

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Yep! I reckon this combo would be fab for snagging a man but it definitively not for work. It gave me very much the "damsel in distress" vibe...Sexy damsel yes, but still a damsel & that doesn't fly at work :) I need alpha vibes there to compete with the lads & make them feel we're on the same level. I've tried TAH at work & it's not good...they treat me like a little clueless girl & try to walk all over me :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:

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Great report ... even Superwoman needs her chain lubricated now and then ... :lol:


OK, Carrie....I fell out of my chair when I read this one....could be interpreted in soooooo many ways!

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