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Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

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Welcome to the Perfume Chat and Trading Post, hosted by Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie!

We'd like everyone to relax and enjoy this community, so we've come up with a short guideline to ensure the comfort of our members. Please read before posting. Joining and posting here signifies your agreement to abide by these rules. Inappropriate posts will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned. Multiple accounts will be deleted. The decision of the moderators and administrators is absolute and non-negotiable.

Rule #1: This is PRIVATE forum, not a public one. Consider yourself as a personal guest in our living room, and conduct yourself accordingly. Civility is a requirement here. Disagreements and heated arguments are inevitable and not unwelcome - we all enjoy a good debate - however, personal attacks, needless cruelty, libelous statements, spamming, blatant advertising, trolling, flaming and the like, will not be tolerated.

Rule #2: We respect and uphold the intellectual property rights of others. Copyright and Trademark infringements will be removed. Bootlegged materials of any kind are prohibited.

Rule #3: Pornography, overt obscenity and extreme adult content are not allowed. We've found that people as young as 13 years of age read our boards, so if you could moderate your responses to be mindful of the wide age range here, that would be appreciated. FYI: The journal areas can be seen by logged-in members only. The reviews areas, etc can be seen by the world. Sexually-explicit discussion is allowable in the Journal subforum but not in the Public areas. You must tag any such discussion as explicit content so those who do not care to read such content can avoid it. Please be respectful of others.

Rule #4: Religious and racial tolerance is a MUST. Please be respectful of others.

Rule #5: Trading is welcome. However, you do so at your own risk. We take no responsibility for 'swaplifts', adulterated products, or misrepresentations made by either party.

Rule #6: Selling on our boards is not really appropriate. (Keep in mind that we pay for these boards, our site, advertising, banners on other sites, etc.) You are certainly welcome to post links to your auctions for items you deem of interest to other board members, but if that's the *only* thing you do here, sorry, no. We expect you to be an active board member in exchange for this privelege. We're happy to participate in link exchanges with other businesses, just email to discuss.

In closing, please remember, you are an invited guest at a private party. It may be internet fashionable to act nasty under cover of anonymity, sitting alone in the dark in front of your computer, but that's not the way we view it here. We expect everyone here - EVERYONE - to take personal responsibility for their actions and be accountable for what they say and what they do. Please conduct yourself accordingly. Thank you!

NOTICE: Due to privacy concerns, we have opted to disable private messaging/emails between members at this time.

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I am bumping this topic because it is clear than some relative newbies have not read it. Please do, and please be respectful of our simple rules.


Again, I must stress that it is not acceptable to use this forum and good will of this community to try to market things to people. I am happy to discuss mutual promotion between our website and yours, if the theme is appropriate and there is mutual benefit to both parties.


Artisans who are good customers here are always welcome to share their creativity and sites to purchase their work. I encourage it, when placed in the proper threads.


But for those who are not even customers and post only for self promotion, it's obvious, and my patience for it wears thin very quickly. Those posts will be removed. And if they continue, the member will lose their posting privileges.


You are an invited guest at a private party. Please act accordingly.

Thank you.

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New Forum Member Rules

Hi everyone, going forward new forum members will only be able to register for a forum account using an email they have previously placed an order from. Non-members will still be able to read all the Review Threads just like always, but will not be able to post on the forum unless they are a verified customer. Unfortunately we have been dealing with an upswing of malicious troll accounts so we have set up this rule to protect our beloved forum community. We welcome and look forward to all future forumites!

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