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Upcoming Releases - June '07

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Some long awaited goodies coming out this month!


Scandalous Intentions ~

Set the scene for seduction with this potent and slightly wicked blend! Red Roses and tantalizing Tiger Lillies layered over Oatmeal and Cream. A delicious drizzle of Honey, a sprinkling of Sugar, a precious drop of Honeysuckle, with sexy nether-notes of White Amber and China Musk. An abundance of ingredients fabled to enhance and amplify femininity, entice and seduce, and heighten passion and arousal - a recipe for something SCANDALOUS!


The Curious Experiments of Konrad Dipple ~

A fresh, green, slightly spicy fragrance for men. Notes of crushed green grass, electrically charged ozone, sweet musk, German tea and spice make for an eye opening and summertime fresh scent.


Phantom of the Trailer Park ~

A fragrance like no other! A floral gourmand perfume, with notes of lilac, magnolia, geranium, mesquite smoke, cherry pie, fresh linen and spumante. This is a fun, cheeky fragrance, especially for Lilac lovers!


Pirate Bumbo ~ {A brilliant suggestion by Ilsa!!!!}

Yup, that's BUMBO, not Bimbo - though you might smell like one when wearing this, LOL! An authentic boozy-smelling tropical treat! Bumbo was a popular beverage during the heyday of the Caribbean Pirates, and we've faithfully recreated the delicious aroma in this new perfume! Lots of rummy booziness, plus Pineapple, West Indian Papaya, Lime, Coconut, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Tahitian Vanilla and more!


more to come....

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Sugared Red Berries ~ Sugared sweetened Strawberries, Raspberries, Cranberries, Currants and a splash of Yuzu. (Japanese citrus fruit) A delightful summer treat! (Note: this blend contains alcohol)


Sugared Egyptian Musk ~ Beautiful! Our Egyptian Musk is light, sexy, smokey and powdery. (Not 'soapy' smelling as some other musks tend to be.) We added our blend of 6 sugars - and this time added an extra layer of Sugar Cane, for a lighter, slightly fruitier sugar note. It's awesome. Fans of Sugared Egyptian Sandalwood should love this one too.

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Sugar-fried Bananas ~ A Cuban inspired sweet treat! Ripe Bananas rolled in sugar, then fried in sweet butter until carmelized. Sprinkle with cinnamon on top, and YUM! This perfume will make you want to try that recipe yourself - delish!


Sugared Apricots ~ Like the tastiest Apricot jam you've ever had - and you know, the mythical powers of the Apricot are LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Sugared Forest ~ A beautifully balanced bevy of woody notes, including Vetiver, White Pine, Cedar, Sandalwood, Oak Moss, and petrified tree sap (aka Amber), softened by the sweetness of powdery sugar. An enchanting forest, indeed! Smells lovely on both women and men!

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Right..... :) I'll be needing another sample pack !


Holy Goddess of all! I needs Sugared Forest.........and Sugared Egyptian Musk.......and Sugared Red Berries.......and more Sugared Mint.......and Scandalous Intentions(uhuh uhuh :rolleyes: ).....and some Konrad Dipple for the man......and....and.....oy :lol:

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LOL, Whiskers! Sorry, honey, that one has been on our list forever. We plan potions many months in advance, and often people suggest things that are similar to what we have planned. That happens a lot with the sugared scents especially. We're generous with credit, and always let people know if they inspire a scent.

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