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Found these 2 podcasts that I thought might be interesting.


The first isn't a phero one, but I thought it might still interest some of us;

"Chemistry of Addiction" BBC Radio





The second one is an Oxford University Science podcast that discusses 2 topics, phero's being one of them;

"Pheromones & Diabetes"


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Thank you for sharing all this valuable scientific info on pheromone section Rosebud.


Talking about diabetes, one of my friends (she's used to be in the other forum - brilliant lady) told me something interesting ---


Some people with diabetes, or have problems with their kidney or other disorders (that is associated with the body's natural ability to react to cops), will not be able to respond to cops physically. She also mentioned that high salt intake diet, can mess up sexual response to cops. Interesting stuff isn't it? I'm learning something new everyday.

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