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The Curious Experiment of Konrad Dipple


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A fresh, green, slightly spicy fragrance for men. Notes of crushed green grass, electrically charged ozone, sweet musk, German tea and spice make for an eye opening and summertime fresh scent.


This one is listed for men, but I can see women enjoying it too. It's a very light fragrance, as "fresh" and "green" as promised. Crisp and quiet . . . This would be a good one to try on a guy who is suspicious of "all that smelly stuff" that some of us love so well. :(

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This is one of my favorites, and last time I checked, I was still female.


In the bottle: a burst of fresh green.


Wet: more freshness. The grass is lovely, and very present, but tempered by the other ingredients so it isn't just "I mowed the lawn today." Usualy, ozone turns very masculine on me, and I choose not to wear it, but the ozone in this is light, like a lovely spring breeze. The sweet musk and soft spices blend really well with my own chemistry, and help the other scents rest easy on me. (So often musk goes wrong on me, so I really like that this one doesn't.)


I have a guy friend who also counts this on his list of favorites, though my partner (male) finds it a little sharp. I find it delightfully refreshing, and wear it when I need to be awake and invigorated, or just when I want a little pick-me-up.

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