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Shelly B's Waves of Lust


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I'm willing to bet it took less than 48 hours for this to sell out. Maybe less than 24, even.


It's an interesting notion...recapturing the hormonal giddiness of one's youth. For me, the scent of strawberry musk is probably the closest thing which will cause me to recall being sixteen and precocious. Only Shelly can tell us if this PE does it for her but...I will say that this is one of the most interesting fragrance experiences I've ever had because it's like it happens in reverse.


In the bottle, and initially upon application, this is all sultry musk but not too loud...more like warm skin, but not in the same way as with SLF. It has the same "volume" as the musk in Lascivious Peach but a different vibe. Civit is the dirtiest musk for my money, and tonquin is the very essence of male (yes, I know I'm biased but really, I know this, I swear). So if you love deep musk you will love the first twenty minutes or so of this experience.


And then, slowly, subtly...like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, there is the fresh airy note of orange blossom, and the thick sort-of-gourmand-but-sexy slipperyness of the coconut oil. The whole sun-baked bodies evocation does come to mind but the orange blossom lends a touch of innocence, I think. It's like a semiotic collision: naivete edging towards corruption and yet frozen in that moment...and you can decide what happens from there.


And then it all comes together, like wet hair tightly braided and turning blonde in the sun. And I'm just kind of stunned that it happened like that, like the construction was the opposite of what I expected. But as I've said time and again, the PEs are precious moments of evocative genius. :2182:

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First - thanks M & D!!! honey with civit AND tonquin?! Love you!!! Lickable? Huffable? Lucious?!


Yeah... All that and a bag of chips. I keep thinking of the myriad of ways honey/civit/tonquin could go together... With cinamon, brown sugar and ambergis?! Oh MY!!! Oops. That would be sexology. Sheesh. How silly of me?!


That said - honey/civit/tonquin is the perfect sweet and dirty base to nearly everything.


So - Waves of Lust?

Add the delicious base above to warm coconut oil and orange blossoms - and you have a very grown up interpretation of Hawaiin Tropic. It's Lolita - a very hot young thing with big eyes and a bit extra wiggle in her hips.


It's soft, sweet and powdery but when you get close? Well, that girl had your number. And she wanted to.


So here it is - a grown up homage to teen aged lust. M & D?! Once again - brilliant.

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Sigh... I was sooo hoping that my skin chemistry would like this one. I really, really want one of SB's dirty, smutty scents to work for me!


But no... This one again had that musk that goes plastic play-dooh on me :Hug_emoticon: There was a bit of fruit (?) or sweetness that toned it down abit but not enough...the Play-dooh still dominated the scent. Sadly this will have to go to my trading post to find a new home with someone who'll love it...

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I don't know why but I didn't get the musk part in this. Yes, I did shake the bottle.


Two hours after application, it turns into a soft powdery scent. I like this although it would have been fantastic if the musk shows up on my skin.

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