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Bottles of unscented pheros - how strong does the cover need to be?

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I was thinking of getting a bottle of the Cuddle Bunny pheros to boost my already large perfume collection. How strong does the cover perfume need to be to cover the scent of the pheros? I have a lot of BPAL scents and they're just lovely, so I'd really adore being able to use my favorite perfume oils already in my collection with the benefits of a phero blend!

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I find the unscented Cuddle Bunny phero is not too strong so you will find it easy to cover. I have a lil bit of trouble covering BI, but generally all others (even BI once you allow dry down) are easy to cover with scents. If you are unsure, use a heavier more resinous scent. But even then I dont think it needs to be that strong.

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