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On me this is nothing but fruit, fruit and more fruit! Not unpleasant nor obnoxious fruit, mind you, but it's definitely powerful enough that I don't get any of the other notes, aside from a touch of bamboo after complete drydown.


Phero-wise, the EST is having its usual softening effect on me and others. It's feminine and comforting. I'm feeling quite relaxed, and the gentlemenaround me do seem more chivalrous than usual :001_302:

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I really like this scent. Very fruity with a hint of florals, though I think there are lots more flowers than fruits in it. And my boyfriend, who is usually somewhat indifferent (and sometimes hard to please!) about my perfumes, said that it might be his favorite yet. :lol: It was one of my favorites before he told me that, and that just cemented the deal for me.

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Big love for Eternal Chain. For me it becomes a fruity pleasure, with sugar, pansy, papaya and water lily dominating yet grounded by all that amber. Would def recommend hunting for it if EST works well for you.

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The soft, sweet fruit notes from this make a welcome addition to many a layering. I love this one for its softening effect, the phero pairs with the scent perfectly. A great note to add to almost anything that needs a little sweetness, or a little femininity.

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