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Messalina's Passion Potion


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Magical Properties: Love, lust, passion, desire and riches.

Prominent Notes: Berries, Fruits, dusky Florals, Musks, Ylang Ylang, Woods, and Resins


In the bottle and on, wet: Fruity awesomeness. Rich, and decadent. The scent of an decadent spread of the ripest fruits.


Drydown: As the feast wears on, and the sky outside darkens, the scent of heavy florals takes over the room. Expensive spices and incense mingle with the flowers.


Really, this is oppulence, and femininity. You can almost smell the nubile serving boys as they wander by.

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I bought this as a gift for a friend and kept it for myself. This reminds me of BPAL's Lust which is one of my all time favorite scents. It must be the Ylang Ylang!

This is super rich and decadent and reminds of an expensive old perfume my grandmother would wear.

I can't pick out the notes but I dont get fruity or foody. More like a red musk, ylang ylang, ambery type of scent.

This is lovely.

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Thank you ladies, for your reviews on this one.....I was torn, but finally got some, based on your thoughts about it. It is fabulous. So glad I got some before it is gone forever!

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I did not know Messalina was going to not stick around : (

If I had known I would have hoarded some away. Good thing there are plenty of new scents to fill the void ; )



Yes, Messalina is absolutely hands down one of my favorites. So sad to know that it will be no more.....BUT, on the upside, I do have a bottle that I am rationing out a little at a time.....

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I have almost a whole bottle too. It's good stuff.


Yeah, I know that the lovely ladies have said that they can't re-create it, but I wish they could try to do a spin-off on it. I tried Eleven as a substitute, but there is something in it that goes terribly awry on my skin.....

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