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Rumor Control- Clearing things up regarding availability

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Mara and I wanted to clear up some of the things floating out on the boards, we have been inundated with emails regarding some posts that have confused some folks, then I get confused, then it turns into an episode of Monty Python.


Ok, first thing. We would never substitute something for something else in your order without contacting you for approval. If there is a cart glitch, oversell, squirrel broke into the studio and stole pheromones, we’ll tell you, promise.


There has been some confusion regarding phero inventory, what is available, new stuff etc so hopefully this will straighten some things up.

Mara and I are the only ones in the office with access to the inventory, and the shopping carts, Email, etc. Mara is the one who does your phero boosts, and pours the pheros.


NO ONE ELSE has access to our inventory control. I don't even handle the pheros because I have sensitivity to them.



If there is discussion regarding upcoming blends, pheros re- brews etc- Unless you have heard/seen it directly from Mara or I, at that point it’s just a rumor. I feel so bad when people get hopes up, and it’s just not in the cards. Besides, I love it when we do the sneaky preview on the board and I get to see the squeeage!


So on to inventory issues!



In regards to the two Cuddle Bunny formulas:


PHARMACOM CB UNSCENTED is NOT sold out yet. It gets removed from the cart in the multiple choice areas because we have no inventory control in the multiple choice pull down category.

If you ordered PHARMACOM CB- you will get it. We will pull product early to prevent oversells.

Then, we will put what is available either back in the cart, or offer it somewhere else.


There is enough left to fill existing orders- anything else will be in the full size bottle area in the pheromone page in the cart.

Ail's CB formula states AILS CUDDLE BUNNY, so if you ordered that- you will get that. (Add in area)


If it is available only is bottles, and not in the pull down menu, it is not available was a boost, full size bottles only.


In regards to what we have in stock:


Ail's CB

Ail’s Open Windows


Blatant Invitation

Sexology (UNscented)

Ail’s Heart and Soul

True Confessions








Treasured Hearts


Tranquility Potion

Stone Cougar

Woozy Floozy

Actor's Magic* (this is a pending phero)


LAM, BAM, OCCO’s and new stuff!

THESE PHEROS ARE LIMITED: They will not be available in the original formulas after they are sold out. If they are re-brewed, they will be a new formulation by Stone Ind. Research.

Super Sexy for MEN (what we have in the cart in full bottles is just about it.)

Swimming With Sharks

Intellectual Man

Intellectual Woman

Drop Your Guard




Once these are severely limited, they will no longer be available in the boost pull down menu.


Again, please let me re-emphasize that if you have a question regarding your order, please email us at the studio. We just can’t check the boards all the time, and answer order questions; we try to make announcements tho!


If we have not contacted you regarding your order, then all is fine with it. We don't substitute pheros, and we take great pains to make sure that everyone gets what they want!


I do want to thank everyone for their patience, love and blessings!

We are excited about the new goodies on the way, and we just wanted to take some of the confusion and frustration out of not knowing if something was available or not.


*Cart additions*

We found some other items that are going in the cart shortly, sorry- these can't be invoiced*

Rocket Fuel- hey! We found some more! I think close to 10


Pharmacom CB unscented- I think there is two or three still in the cart




We are working on the update as we speak!




Do forgive me if I’ve missed anything, I’ve still got the sickies, and I’m working diligently to get better fast and get back to the studio. Thank you all so much for being a part of our lives, our dreams, and our potions!




I love being able to put a little magic in your lives- you all sure have in mine!




Love and Skellies-


SG AKA Danna

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