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Phero to...disappear?

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All of the pheros out there seem to revolve around sending a specific signal to others, whether that means "I'm sexy," "I'm smart," "Do me now," (hee!) or some other message.


As odd as this sounds, I'm wondering if there's a phero that might help me be more invisible, as opposed to more noticed or attractive.


I suffer from bouts of depression and am in the middle of a pretty bad one right now. When I'm very, very low, I don't want to deal with people at all. Even basic greetings or chitchat to cashiers, bus drivers, or other folks dealing with me as a customer feels like a huge drain. I dread leaving the house when I'm sad.


I've already tried Happy Water (without success - I'm in the unlucky "alpha-androstenol makes me nervous and weird" camp) and Tranquility Potion (which seems to compound the "sad" feeling with "oh, who cares if I feel better") to work on myself in those moods, and am trying to do everything right - exercising, eating healthily, sleeping enough, etc.


In the meantime, is there any phero - now or perhaps planned for the future - that might give off a gentle "Plz no convo, I has teh sad," or even a "Who, me? Here? This is not the Astrinde you're looking for..." vibe to others around me?


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Sweet pea, please don't take offense, but I think that's the last thing you need. I have severe depression with a cocktail of PTSD symptoms still lurking, a gorgeous bouquet of seasonal affective disorder, some anxiety and some agoraphobia - so I know what you are feeling. Like you want the world to GO. AWAY. Let you be! I went through a very severe bout of that as a teenager and I dropped out of high school and ended up going to in-patient care for children with depression for several months.


Being alone isn't going to help you get through this. I'm sure that you've thought about anti-depressants, or have tried them, but keep fighting the good fight. I've found that, for me at least, when I do withdraw into my safe snail shell, it turns into a vicious cycle of hurting more, getting sadder, and pulling away even further.


I literally had to try about ten anti-depressants until I got the good one. Even then, I do have to sleep, eat, and exercise.


Again, please don't take offense. I'm truly not trying to touch a nerve.

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Hrm, we are 3 peas in a pod I see...


I'm dealing w/round of the deep blues myself, and *have* been trying some meds (with some good, but side effects were pleh!) So yea, I know what you mean. I have a hard time reaching for "I'm ok, gonna have an alright day", let alone "I'm teh sexor!". Not just now, anyway.


Honestly, the one phero I've found that's helped me reach up from the bottom so that I'm not a complete hermit crabby woman at work, is Open Windows. It's pulled better days out from I'm not sure where, some days! It's not made me giddy, but lifted a weight on those days, made it much better and easier to get through. I wish I had some to send you to try...I've only got a tiny vial left and I'm waiting for the new phero base to come out to re-stock...but re-stock I will.


If you haven't given it a try...might not hurt to beg a sample or trade. Many sympathetic hugs Astrinde. You've my email if you wanna...k?

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