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Rather Than Scents of these....


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I would like to know more about the sizes, effectiveness, and packageing of the B&B line--like aren't the creams 4oz? That seems tiny? How long are they lasting you guys? Are the lotions better at spreading and lasting longer?

Tell me more abot this stuff, if you'd be so kind.

I'm tempted to get a set, and I love all things LP(bout to kill myself on the sprays, you know this-but the B&B line just seems, well-small, as do the candles for 25 bucks....

Who has candles? Do they really kick out the jams scentwise? What about burn time? (I burn my candles every single night usually for at least 4 hours. How many days would one last me? :blushing:


Someone gimmie a line on these treats pretty please! I know theres a bit of info in the scent reviews, but I wanna know more! Greedy like that! Thanks

Lotsa LOVE-Lori

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