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The Feast of Tabernacles


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"The Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot, is the week long Jewish harvest festival. A holiday favorite, we followed a traditional Kosher Compote recipe in making this perfume and it smells absolutely delicious - but remember, it's not edible, it only makes you smell that way! The aroma of a bushel of sweet ripe Plums, complimented by a dash of Peach, Clove, Sugar, Cinnamon and a tiny splash of Apple juice. Mmmm!"


The first breath is plum! Super fruity and fabulous.

Sugared peach and cinnamon-sugar applesauce in the drydown.

Fades quickly to clove and peach.


Tabernacles isn't as bold as the other holiday blends I tried so it will be good for every day use.

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I get a light sweet chocolate and jam pastry, not foody but foodish (if that makes any sense)


If you found la boom too chocolatey i would recommend this one - has a very subtle hint of chocolate but so many other good things mixed with it, the chocolate aroma is not overpowering


Really glad i was sent a sample of this - definitely enjoy this

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