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Love Potion: Autumn Equinox 2009


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Put this one on tonight because it comforts me and makes me happy. The first few times I wore this it came across as very foody and did remind me of pancakes. Now it seems a bit more subtle and very elegant. It's got an almost floral note in there somewhere, which is adding a delicate touch to the deeper warmth of its main body. There is definitely magic in this bottle. Wish I had more than one.

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This one is special because it is the very first LPMP fragrance I ever wore. I pined away for this one because I love the notes listed in original Love Potion (vanilla, amber, patchouli) and I love Autumn. I wasn’t ready for the artisan quality of LPMP. I put it on and immediately thought I smelled like a Yankee Candle (I love Yankee Candle), but that this was not a candle scent I would purchase for my home. I was overwhelmed by the maple. Maybe I amp maple? It still smelled great, but I felt I smelled like a candle. Maybe I put too much on. My daughter also wore it at the same time and I felt it smelled better on her. It’s pretty strong on me. Wore it to work and people commented I smelled good. Then, came the LPMP awakening…I found myself craving this one. I just wasn’t prepared for the artisan quality as I had come from a drugstore musk perfume background, none which ever turned out to be that magical “it” fragrance. I had figured out what notes I liked from a different fragrance oil website. And then I got brave enough to submit my first order at LPMP. And this is so Autumn. It is an LP with a distinct maple tilt in my nose and it's delish. I did wear this for Thanksgiving and other times during Fall and put it safely back for the next season. There is no turning back. I especially love the Love Potion Variants!

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