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Credit card charge date


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I'm new on this site. I was wondering, if there's 2 weeks to prepare an order. When is my credit card charged?? when the items are shipped or the moment I place the order???









You go through PayPal, so the items are charged as soon as you place the order. :Hug_emoticon:

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Any ideas on when will Super Sexy for Men be back in stock again???


That one got me curious...




If you're referring to Super for Men, UN is the nearest thing to it. You might possibly be able to get UN with a SS4M add-in and recreate Super (depending on the current supply).


The SS4M pheromone blend was created by Pharmacom, which is now out of business, so that blend is no more once sold out. Wanted Man was created to take its' place at least for now, I believe, which you can get on its' own or added into the fragrance of your choice.

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