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The Empress of Persica


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Around five in the afternoon today, I had this feeling hit me where I felt like I needed trouble, and that I was going to do whatever i g'damned wanted. Granted, whatever I g'd wanted to do was to finish all my chocolate filled chocolate chip cookies and clean my room. I needed to feel like a bad-ass sexy mama in my own way. I wore all black and decided that the empress would be the way to go from my limited sample collection. It is peaches and cream and so much more. A lusty power that hides behind the peaches and cream facade. It's like a power line or power box, unassuming on the outside but there's a hum of all of the force inside. The ginger gives it the cool energy, and the frankincense brings the sensual aspect. I'm sad I broke my sample bottle :*(

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when i tried it it was tangy fruity first. but settled down to light creamy scent. i got peach but not overtly outstanding from the other notes. ginger was very slight and creamy delectable fragrance of peach came. after staying longer i could not pin point which note is most prominent. the milk or creme are too good to wear for me. i never did before..... :) peach and creme, beautifully balanced. oveall it felt like some fruit, dry fruit is pured, into creme. i am dead sure anyone would like to lick it. i wanted to lick my own arm :P Mara does some magic in balancing the notes. though i did not feel the intent much. only thing i noticed different was my chic was after my life to bake her a cake.( why this is unusual is cos she doesn't eat cakes not even her own b day cake or any other , nor do i frequently bake.) but wearing this we together baked a chocolate cake which she enjoyed eating so much, after her lunch.. i don't know if this has anything to do with fragrance, but it does't happen with me normally)


to be honest before LP i could not stand any fruity or flowery fragrance. all i could use was spicy musky uni fragrances. but my taste is changing ot my surprise and i am liking different experiences and LP blends. i loved this blend and would get with any soft phero blend. this scent is good for work also.delicate, mild and rich all at the same time.


I am planning to wear lots of it with a peach coloured dress ( just to see what the colour & fragrance combo does, i feel it will make a difference) i have for a party soon. will share how it goes......

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I was not able to fully appreciate the layers in this until I took the oil and put it in my wax warmer.


It was something that I could put on and get peaches or even sniff wet from the jar but it always seemed to have a flat one-dimensional aspect to it that made me grab it hardly ever--and then typically as an underarm scent/deoderant since it worked fairly well that way.


Rooting around for a sample to put in my wax warmer I decided to grab a bottle that I "didn't care about" (sorry Mara) and pour that sucker all the way in (somewhere around half a bottle.)


I'm trying to come up with a good description of the results-- it definitely had a lot of dimension to it. No flatness, no-just-peachness. When I say sexy I don't mean ferocious sex, or smuttiness, or even feline come-hitherness.


There's a decadence here of peach and oil and skin and maybe a little bit of metal--i imagine many bodies glistening with oil and with hardly anything on but not an orgy. It's decadent and it's the sexiness that so sensual that you can't even say sensual--I just feel like that word is telepathically reverberating around the room of nearly naked oiled up people with candle light creating changing patches of light and shadows.


It's a very self-satisfied without arrogance, just factually sexy, with the decadent/best skin smell-ness.


Sadly--it spent most of it's life with me ignored or taken for granted but once it hit that oil/wax warmer...I would not have a problem burning that once a week.


I have high expectations now for other bottles that I've lately ignored that might play Joe to my wax warmer volcano.

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