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Un-Sexology 60/40 spray

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I received my unscented sexology in spray and decided to try it. I don't get many chances to have a one-on-one with guys (like in a dinner setting, etc.) so I decided to wear it to my son's scout meeting (of all places). Many guys there. Some women. During the day I had used 7 minutes to midnight so I guess I still had a little bit of H&S still on me. Both men and women were generally friendly to me. One guy sitting next to me during the meeting kept turning to me commenting about things that were discussed. Then the guy in front of him started turning around commenting to both of us.


After it was over, people were standing around talking while the boys were running around playing. After one lady and I were finished talking, I was standing by myself. Out of the blue, the husband of one of my acquaintances, a guy who doesn't ever give me the time of day, taps me on the shoulder and starts talking to me. He must have talked to me for 25 minutes. We were talking about general stuff and then he started telling me how his dad passed away when he was little and couple of other personal things. When I tell you this guy has not not ever gone out of his way to talk to me, I really mean it.


All in all, I think this spray was well received. I had used 5 sprays and covered with a little bit of Sassy Sibylia.

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Hello Everyone,


I think I'm posting this in the right area. So I wore Sexology 1x mixed with Lusty Luscious in the beta form along with BI 1x in the beta form with five sprays of each. Probably over kill but I think I was looking to get into something. Ok so, I hung out with one of my guy friends to watch "From Paris With Love" which we picked up from the Red Box; the whole entire time he kept rubbing his arm against mine casually. Didn't think anything of it until we get back to his place and I'm pretty stretched on trying to focus on the movie. Next thing you know, he's rubbing his hand on my leg and so ooh you have such soft skin. Ummm....ok it's the Olay soap I say. He then inquires if I'm soft all over. You know I know I was looking to get into something but I was just not feeling him at all. So I just say just get yourself som Olay soap and your skin will be soft too.......10 minutes go by he's pull at my top and me being me is getting pissed off because I just want to watch the movie. I decide to leave and he's like just give me 10 minutes with a deer in headlights look. I seriously had to look at him and was like 10 minutes you can't be serious. Blew a air kiss and I was out the door.


Now here is where it gets interesting because me being the lovely Leo that I am; I'm somewhat still on the prowl. So I decided to call up Mr. Big (that's what I'm going to call him for now). He's surprised I'm calling at 2am and I'm out and about; so I mention I'm driving home and just wanted someone to talk to. He suggest I should come over and keep him company since it's enroute. Why not? You guys before I got to his house; I sprayed 2 more of each. I get to the door and he's telling me about his parents and blah blah blah. I sent down and he's looking at me and I happen to look down and oh gee I see a tent. The rest is history....He's telling me I'm the only girl that has this effect on him. I had to sneak out in the morning while he was sleeping because ladies, I was sore in a good way. I get a phone call asking why did I leave because he wasn't done yet. Is it possible to die from too much sex?


Needless to say combo for me is a killer on Mr. Big and right now I'm being a good girl by not stiring up any trouble right now. ;)

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The lesson is don't wear BI unless you're looking to get laid, because it's pretty much a foregone conclusion.


Is it possible to die from too much sex?

Ah that's the eternal question, isn't it? Personally, I think dehydration is more of an issue for most. ;)

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