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Lisa's Red Sand Champa


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Okay, this stuff is drop-dead sexy; I'm so glad I took a chance. I know red sandalwood and nag champa are both notes I love, and this one did not disappoint. It's such a smooth blend of those two notes and the sugar, where both the red sandalwood and nag champa merge perfectly in taht one doens't overpower the other, and all nicely sugared over as they are they bring 3 words to mind: red goth candy. Don't ask where that came from, but red goth candy. It's the fiery counterpart to Sugared Darkness. Let's just put it this way: if Sugared Darkness is the black demon on one shoulder, this is the red demon on the other one--no room for angels here! :D

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This is my favorite blend to date! I love red musk, love nag champa, and the blend is very soft overall. It also works well for layering. I tried Intelligent Woman as a first layer, then another brand of tobacco & vanilla perfume oil, and then the Red Sand Champa. Gorgeous!

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