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What brought you to phero's initially?

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I just thought it'd be interesting to see everyone's background and when they started with phero's. Obviously, I just started a couple weeks ago, but I'm really addicted already.


I need to be spending my money on a new stethoscope and not phero's :CHEERS~19: I'm in RN school and can't wear perfume to clinic anyway (supposedly).


How did you find out about pheromones? Why did you want to try them? And how did you become an addict? :)

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I'm curious about the answers to your question!


I read about pheromones years ago and thought it would be interesting to see if they really worked. I bought my first phero's in The Netherlands where I live. It was alphanol with a smidge of copulins. I should have done more research back then, I didn't know what a decent hit was and thought they didn't work, I put them away between my perfumes.

Quite a while (like two years or so) later I found the bottle, I had a social event that day and thought, why not? That day I saw behaviour from people I know I had never seen before!


Since I'm fascinated about human behaviour I'm having lots of fun seeing what diffrent phero's do to people


Edit: Ah I see there's another thread, thanks Luna!

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I'm actually gradually easing myself into pheros; I initially came to LP because of the wonderfully delicious scents. I don't really have the money to amp everything and anything with pheros; I have to say, though, I got Garland & Lace which already had Lace included, initially for the nomalicious scent ended up falling in love with Lace because it lifts my spirits. If there's something that can make a person like me, who often skulks around with a permanent scowl on her face, feel happier and more confident (not uppity, hell no, just happier and more content), then it's worth it. I'm definitely going to snap up a bottle of that unscented in the future to layer under other things, and also of unscented Leather, which I hear is another confidence booster. For me, at least, Lace is like a miracle drug without the chemicals. I also have 7 Minutes to Midnight, which has Heart & Soul (encourages romantic bonding), and while the scent is lovely I haven't had any dates to witness the guy-effects yet. I think H&S has a comforting effect on me though. I haven't tried any of the really sexual pheros yet, partly because I'm afraid there might be one or more that make me ragingly horny in public, lol. I haven't tried cops either for fear of the smell but I'll eventually get around to it. Right now I don't have a BF (sigh, not even a KSBF) so I'm just focused on pheros with self-effects.

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I started out with EoW in 2003 (or thereabouts), because my second husband had performance issues, and had turned into pretty much the male equivalent of a frigid old woman. I scoured the internet for solutions......and found love-scent. I Initially bought the EoW with a very skeptical attitude....like "Yeah RIGHT"......but, it was inexpensive, so I tried it......it raised the dead.....LITERALLY! We divorced anyway, but that's ok, because I replaced him with a whole drawer of pheros!!!


I continued using them because THEY WORK! And now I have a phero for almost any occassion......and wonderful artistic scents to go along with them!

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I was actually researching hormones and medicine, I was studying genetic charisma and how health plays a part in how someone accepts your words, and somehow pheromones came up. This among other things.


One thing lead to another and I found myself at the LoveScent forum in 2005, perpetually picking JVKohls brain and getting tips from the likes of Ail,Dolly,Carrie,Countess,...


It started with EoW , SoE, and the Edge.

Then I became obsessed with Androtics.


And now I call here home.








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Hey All~

I'd read about pheros ages ago and dabbled a bit.. like Athena Institute pheros(SO expensive!) and had a few good hits.. and of course, I had tried Realm perfumes(don't like the fragrances and they hardly did anything).. So I knew they worked. It was just cost prohibitive, so I was waiting till I had more money.

I accidently stumbled across this site when I had heard how toxic commercial perfumes were. I googled natural perfumes and several hundred dollars later, here I am! Yet another LP addict!

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I started to become interested in pheros one night in deep thought. My boyfriend had mentioned to me that if I ever became pregnant he would "know it". I asked how he would know, and he said (from past experience) that he would all of a sudden not be able to keep his hands off of me, would be wanting sex all. the. time.. Even if he didnt actually have any proof that I was pregnant.

So it got me thinking... is there some kind of chemical signal that pregnant women give off??? (now I know...estratetraenol! stocking up on a huge bottle ASAP!!! I can't wait to see how it affects him! he doesn't know I use pheros) so I started researching and found a HUGE wealth of info.

And here I am today, phero-OBSESSED. I cannot tell you the HOURS I have spent on this forum just reading posts and filling my knowledge bank (whilst emptying my ACTUAL bank.. hehe :)

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