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? about Lace, Woozy & est

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I'm wondering if I used Woozy or the Woozy level A-nol spray with Est or an Est amped scent, would I achieve the sort of happy feeling I get from Lace? I ask only because I have WF and A-nol spray (at WF level) along with an est amped bottle of honeycomb and I'm not really using either of them that much. WF only works very mildly on me, almost not even noticeable where as Lace works like a charm.


Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is there a way I could use my WF or A-nol spray with est to achieve Lace effects or do they need to be blended rather than layered?

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id be very surprised to learn they have to be layered in any special way, but EST and woozy should have a wonderful effect regardless of how close it comes to Lace.

Dying to try Lace myself.


If Lace is just anol and EST, this should be all you need.

They dont have to marinate or anything :)

if you change your mind and decide to get rid of the honeycomb EST, let me know! :)

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Sometimes it depends on the fragrance as well. Allegro and Happy Water didn't seem to have much of an uplifting effect but Elevation Potion definitely does, and I think part of the reason has to do with the fragrance enhancing the effect of the pheromone for me. Same thing with Focus Pocus - I enjoy the scent but it didn't seem to work as well for me as getting Focus Potion as an add-in to Voodoo Valentine. That scent really helps me "wake up" which makes it a great vehicle for the pheromone, IMO.

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From the description:

Estratetraenol is a pheromone that is said to be a mood elevator for men when worn by women, and is for stimulating feelings of love, protectiveness and gentleness.


Go here, scroll about halfway down, look for "Estratetraenol Spray."

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