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Lisa's Vanilla Caramel


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Seriously, has no one else ever tried this? I'm just drowning in the deliciousness. It's a thick, rich, creamy caramel, all golden oozing burnt sugar goodness with a gorgeous bottom note of smooth vanilla (is this Madagascar vanilla? I could swear it is...). I'm huffing my wrist like crazy right now! :)

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Cross posting for future users/readers:


chewy, caramel fudge. NOT gloppy or thick in a CREAMY or fatty way though. You know those individually wrapped Kraft caramels? Smells exactly like that...can't believe I didn't notice that before! Imagine that but laced with a ribbon of twinkie filling vanilla.

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Nom nom nom nom!!! I sometimes use a wonderful shampoo/body wash that is caramel/honey scented. I've been looking for the perfect caramel LP to wear when i use it. This is is!! It's not like the ice cream sauce caramel. It's thick, rich, and luscious, and foody. like Tyvey said, it's those caramel squares, melted with a warm vanilla stirred into it. I haven't worn it in public yet, but I imagine it will be a heard turner.


This is long gone, but if you like caramel and you spot this on the trading post, it's worth a look!

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