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Mass Review (N-Z)

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Updated 09/18/2010


This is a consolidated list of reviews for all the LPs I have tried. I have had to split my reviews, because my post was too big... For A-M, click here.


Please keep in mind that this is just how these scents react with my chemistry. I would recommend reading the full reviews on these scents, don't just go with my experience.


  • Nakai Nectar too much like melon for me
  • Nasty Habits yummy amber. Very warm and inviting.
  • Native Soil (2008) (hoarding) The cinnamon/sandalwood are the most predominate note on me throughout all of the layers. Weird though, this is the only one where the predominate notes sit behind everything else. They are a very solid and unwavering foundation. They combine for dry woodsy smell with a wonderful crackling cinnamon. I think it is the "dirt" that gives it that dry, dusty feel for me. The resins, spices and incence are definately there and come in and out in layers. Very nice and yummy. It is a warm scent that makes me feel cozy and safe (which is, of course, the intent).
  • Naughty Minx I can definitely smell the anise, peppercorn and tobacco. This is a fairly complex fragrance when wet that is hard for me to describe. It is pretty sharp on the nose when wet. As it dries down, it softens, the tobacco sweetens and the resins come out. It is a little fruity in a subtle way.
  • Naughty on the Nile This one is very mysterious. I see the similarity to Isis, but it is a lot softer. It has a more smoky sandalwood incense feel to it. It is not overwhelmingly incensey, but has a soft aura of smoke tendrils rising in the background. It is also a bit drier and less sweet. Very nicely done. I loved Isis and love this one as well. Very glad that I got a bottle of this one unsniffed.
  • Naughty, Sweet & Dirty (Shelly B's) This one is far too honey for me.
  • Neanderlicious This one is wonderful. I don't normally like scents with violets, but this one I like. It is deep and woody.
  • Nekomusume The sweet juicy plums come out amidst the creamy pudding. This is very lickable. It is a little too foody for my taste, but delicious none-the-less.
  • New Year's Evil Wet: all I can smell is siberian fir. Drydown: The fir is less prominate. Now I get the boozy inscence and fruit punch.
  • Night of the Fae This one is green, yet wants to blossom into a fruity floral. The notes are there, just waiting to open.
  • Nosfy's Aperitif Wow. Wet, this was very interesting. I could smell resins like they were standing up out of the scent waving their arms saying "hi, here I am". They weren't overly powerful, just demanding to be noticed. This scent gives me the image of 3-D in my mind. The notes are in noticeable layers and pop out, almost like a 3-D image. This is not at all a bad thing. It is unique and intriguing. It is standing before you with its arms crossed challenging your sense of smell. As it dries, the notes start to weave themselves together into a finely spun silken layer of scent that caresses your skin. It is sweet, but not sugary. It is like a catholic school girl standing before you as the picture of innocence, but you know better when you see the glint of danger in her eyes.
  • Nox (hoarding) The raspberry came out on me first, followed by the vanilla and amber. Nice and warm.
  • Nox 2009 The original NOX is one of my favorite scents, so I was hesitant to try the remake (mostly afraid that it wouldn't be as good). It is subtly different from the original. It is not a sweet and a little sharper. I love it. It is just different enough to justify having this one as well as the original. I love the new sharper edge in this one.
  • Nymph! I really wanted to like this one. The waterlily is too strong on me. Any kind of lily is amped on me. When I first put it on (wet), I LOVED it. Then… my chemistry came into play.
  • OdinClaus This one is definitely green. It smells like pine, but I don't think there is pine in it. Very strong wet, dries down to a soft forest scent. It is crisp and cool. I like it more than I expected to. It is uplifting, giving a burst of energy when I sniff it. This is a great winter scent. I did not expect to like it when I first put it on. It definately needs to dry and meld with your skin. I really enjoy it after it has dried down.
  • Offering This is a light creamy floral with a hint of woods to give it some depth. Aside from the marigold note, I love it. Marigold gives me a headache, so alas I can't wear this. I do love it and am sad to let my sample go.
  • Oidhche Shamhna Smelled just like caramel popcorn
  • On the Boardwalk: Santa Carla 2009 I was a little skeptical of this one, since I was not a huge fan of the last version of Santa Carla. But, if I have learned anything over the last year as an LP customer, it is that the remakes are never the same as the original. So, I broke down and tried this anyways… And I am glad that I did. When I smelled it in the vial, I was still skeptical. I put it on my skin and let it sit for a minute or two before I sniffed it and was pleasantly surprised. The strong smoky leather note that I disliked in the original is much softer and less noticeable in this one. Still there, but not a predominant note on me. This one is a soft, dirty scent. It is the defiant side of your nature, that love of adrenaline and danger that lies just beneath the surface. It is the confidence you didn't know you had. It is the coy smile that slips across your face when you feel like doing something a little naughty. It is the spark of life in your eyes as you tip over that first unseen drop on your favorite roller coaster. With this one I had to describe the feelings it evoked rather than the notes. Those feelings capture how this smells to me… fantastic, daring and sexy – but not overtly. It is hovering beneath the surface just waiting for you to let it come out and play.
  • One & Only (Aussie L's) (bottle) The vanilla is deep and warm. I can smell the rose and the citrus behind the musk. It is a wonderful combo.
  • Orchidee de Peche (Jo Anna's) This one is very pretty. It is light and feminine. The orchids are noticable, but not overpowering. The other ingredients are very subtle so as not to overpower the orchids. Wonder light floral. I like it.
  • PCMP: Phero Charged Money Potion Wet: peach, grape and sunflower. Sharp and fresh. Drydown: complex floral scented fruit cocktail with a splash of citrus. It is very pretty and feels sunny.
  • Pandamaniac Wet, this one didn't really smell. I know that sounds odd. It just smelled wet. I don't even know how to describe that. Not like wet dog wet or even ocean breeze wet, but like a cool watery wetness. As it dries, the bamboo peaks out of the gentle rain. The other notes swirl in and out, but this really retains that scent of wetness that is very nebulous. It smells like fresh spring air after a gentle rain, the water is still evaporating off of the damp leaves of the bamboo stalks and the flowers. This one really embodies the element water for me.
  • Peach, Honey & Orange Blossom This one is delicious. I was surprised that I liked this one due to the honey. The peach is perfectly. Fresh cut peaches combined with the perfect pale floral.
  • Peppered Sexpot (Amanda's) (bottle) This is unique and yummy. The black pepper is a nice twist to this. The vanilla is there, swimming in the background. The brown sugar rounds the mix out. It is a just barely sweetened blend. Very nicely done!
  • Persuasion Potion Nice floral with a base of green. The intent is fantastic.
  • Phantom of the Trailer Park This one smelled like powdery soap on me.
  • Phero Girl: Cougar I have not tested out the phero yet, but the fragrance is wonderful. The grapefruit is perfect. Not too strong, it is delicately balanced between tart, sweet and soft. The resins make a nice foundation and ensure a lasting effect.
  • Phero Girl: Dominance Wet I got dark chocolate. After it dried down, I get a wonderful mix of deep rose and dark chocolate. Sexy and feminine at the same time. A great tempering to the intent of the phero!
  • Phero Girl: regular sweet and inticing without smelling like candy. Very nice. The amber foundation warms the scent up nicely.
  • Phero Girl: Super This one smelled like candy on me.
  • Phero Girl: Wildflower something in this tickles my nose. Aside from that, I really love this scent. I think it is the tea or perhaps the orchid that tickles my nose and makes me sneeze.
  • Pied Piper After this has dried down, I smell a thick chocolate syrup covering bananas. I get a faint whiff of maple every now and then. I can definately see why kids love this one.
  • Pink Emerald (Esmeralda's) (bottle) I can really smell the heather in this one. It is nice and powdery when it dies down. Sweet, but not overbearing. It says "come over here and smell how sweet I am" in the softest whisper.
  • Pink Sugared Vanilla & Lemon (Ann's) This makes me think of a pink lemonade made with vanilla sugar. Yummy.
  • Pirate Bumbo Wonderful capture of the carribean without being overly fruity.
  • Pithivier Very foody, for those that like that. Chocolate is the most dominate note on me. Not a cocoa butter chocolate, but dripping milk chocolate. The almond and vanilla are right there in the background. The chocolate is so amped on me that I can't smell the berries or violets in this. Oh wait... There they are. It takes about five to ten minutes, but give this one the time to bloom. Wonderful job.
  • Plaisirs De La Nuit (bottle) My skin loves cinnamon. This scent was beautiful on me. The carnation adds just the perfect amount of peppery spice and soft floral to this blend.
  • Plenty (bottle) This one is fruity, but not too foody… The pumpkin is wonderful and subtle. The watermelon and fig are perfectly blended together. I also smell a hint of apple…
  • Pom Pom Nom Nom I got pink when I first put it on, but then the carnations bit me. I have decided that we just don't get along!
  • Pomme de Poison This one smells like the perfect fall potpourri to me when wet. Not something that I would wear regularly, but definitely one that I could use as an anointing oil, in a diffuser or in a bath. Mmm… makes me feel cozy…
  • Portunus - Opportunity Potion This one is light and springy with a hint of green. The figs come out just behind the daffodils for me.
  • Potion 31 (hoarding) smells just like a carrot cake!
  • Pumpkin: Shake, Rattle & Roll – Oct 2009 Gift with Purchase What can I say other than yum! This is perfectly pumpkin. Spicy, but subtly so. It is not foody at all, but not dry either. It is moist spicy pumpkin with the perfect amount of sweetness.
  • Rajah (bottle) This is a very dark green scent initially. The moss and ferns are the first ones that come out when wet. It smells like the decaying floor of a wet forest. It dries to a very nice complex wood based resin scent with a powdery undertone. Surprisingly soft given what it smelled like wet. Not overpowering, but still has a definate presence. This one definately needs some time to develop into its full depth. It only took about 10 minutes on me for the initial spikes of sharp green to die down and fall beneath the blanket of amber.
  • Raq's Sharqi This was spicy and dry. I am not sure how to discribe this one.
  • Raven Moon 2008/2009 (bottle) When I first put it on, it was very similar to LP Black. Now (about 10 minutes later), it is a softer and creamier "texture." The cinnamon is just underneath the resins, just barely peeking out. I can also smell a hint of peach floating just on the forefront. In between is a very complex cloud of wonderful sweetness.
  • Raven's Secret Weapon The sandalwood comes out strongest on my skin.
  • Ravished I LOVE THIS! This is a fantastic scent. This is a perfect blend of sexy spice and calm floral. It is like the calm cool sex kitten entering the room in her smoking red patent leather outfit.
  • Resolution Potion Wet: smokey rose with a strong woody scent. Drydown: The iris starts to poke through and the rose steps back. The woods are still there, surrounding the florals in a warm protective box.
  • Rita's Hugs This one has patchouli and amber. It is dark and mysterious. I enjoy it. The patchouli is dry and crisp. The amber is golden and sweet. Very similar in feel to the base in hot treacle trollop. If you like that one, you'd probably like this one. Unfortunately, I think it is sold out. You should still be able to order this as a custom sugar, however.
  • Robin and Marian Beautiful. The musks are nice and the florals are deep. I can smell the foundation of patchouli. I think I also pick up a hint of amber. This one did very well with my skin.
  • Rocket Chick too strawberry for me.
  • Rocket Fuel (Mara's) (hoarding) I LOVE this one. Mmmm. The brown sugar is yummy.
  • Romeo & Juliet The almond and hazelnut come out on me first. It smells creamy and nutty. My skin just absorbed this one. After 10 minutes, it was gone. No wait, not gone... Just subtle. I agree with the other reviews. It is a very close to you scent. It is really nice and soft. The hazlenut and cinnamon make a really nice pair. I am not sure where the creaminess comes from, but it is really nice. Like an almond butter rather than the traditional strong almond scent.
  • Rowdy, Raunchy & Rude Something in here twangs at my nose. I don't think that is a real sentence, but twangs at my nose is the best description that I can come up with. It goes very wrong on my skin instantly. Not good, ladies, not good.
  • Sabra's Secret I love dragon's blood resin. My skin turned this into something completely different, which disappointed me.
  • Sand WitchThis is a smooth creamy vanilla. The coconut isn't strong, but is a fantastic compliment to the vanilla. The sandalwood is very mild and serves to ground the scent. It is nice and soft. A close scent, for sure. Also one that would be really nice in the summer heat.
  • Santa Carla I like this ok. The leather and tobacco come out first on me. Surprisingly, however, this did not last on me. After an hour I could barely smell it.
  • Santa Carla 2009 I was a little skeptical of this one, since I was not a huge fan of the last version of Santa Carla. But, if I have learned anything over the last year as an LP customer, it is that the remakes are never the same as the original. So, I broke down and tried this anyways… And I am glad that I did. When I smelled it in the vial, I was still skeptical. I put it on my skin and let it sit for a minute or two before I sniffed it and was pleasantly surprised. The strong smoky leather note that I disliked in the original is much softer and less noticeable in this one. Still there, but not a predominant note on me. This one is a soft, dirty scent. It is the defiant side of your nature, that love of adrenaline and danger that lies just beneath the surface. It is the confidence you didn't know you had. It is the coy smile that slips across your face when you feel like doing something a little naughty. It is the spark of life in your eyes as you tip over that first unseen drop on your favorite roller coaster. With this one I had to describe the feelings it evoked rather than the notes. Those feelings capture how this smells to me… fantastic, daring and sexy – but not overtly. It is hovering beneath the surface just waiting for you to let it come out and play.
  • Sarasvati This one starts out very floral, but does dry down very nicely. It seems to meld with my skin and become a "natural" scent. I don't know how else to describe the sensation. It isn't soapy at all, but it makes me feel fresh and revived. Almost like I just stepped out of the shower. Again, it is the feeling and not a soapy note. On me, it fades down and becomes a very close scent. It is a slightly shy scent that would not be at all overpowering. Like it was designed for me to smell privately so that I could be alone with my creativity.
  • Sassy Sibylia This one is yummy in a subtle spicy kind of way. Definitely sassy… This one has some clove or nutmeg in it that comes out strong when wet and then fades into the background as it dries. This dries into a softer spicy scent with a depth that is just barely noticeable. It is like looking into haunted eyes that have a playful edge. It is intriguing and a fairly closely held scent that lasts for longer than I expected given the light throw.
  • Scandalous (hoarding) LP Red is not one of my favorites. I enjoy it, but don't LOVE it. This one however, is PERFECT! Please, please, please rebrew! The amber is fantastic, and I LOVE the cinnamon. I really enjoy cinnamon, so it is no surprise that I really enjoy this one. All I was able to score is enough of a sample for one application. So sad!
  • Scandalous Intentions The lily comes out strongest on me when wet. As it dies down, the rose, amber and cream start to come forward. Wet, it is a little overpowering. However, it is lovely when it dies down. Give it about 15-20 minutes before you decide, as this one definately needs time to develop.
  • Scarlet Silk Wet, this was fantastic. I really did smell like red silk looks. After it dried, however, the powdered sugar did something uexpectedly funky with my skin. Adding my bottle to my trading post. So sad.
  • Secret Garden (Shelly B's) I was a little leery of this because of the lily. It is surprisingly subtle. The carnation and gardenia really come out, the lily is in the background. It almost smells like a watery floral the way the notes dance in and out together.
  • Sexology this did not do well on me. As most strong honey scents do, it did the funky waxy slightly acrid thing. It would waft in and out. There was about 10 minutes in there where it smelled nice and cakey, then it went back to acrid wax.
  • Shades of Warmth (Jo Anna's) There is too much honey in here. I will give some time to age and try again. I think that I may trade in a few months.
  • Shady Lady This smells like sweet skin. Slightly sweet, slightly musky. The floral is there, but it almost smells like a faint whiff of almost evaporated men's cologne. Not masculine smelling at all. Goes along with that sweet skin smell. It does have an etheral feel, but is not aquatic. It also feels green, but doesn't actually have a green note that I can pin down. More of a feeling that it is there somewhere, eluding my nose. It smells fresh out of the shower clean, but not soapy. There are a lot of descriptions here, but they are all trying to describe the same elusive feeling of mystery.
  • She-Wolf (Lori's) Wet: green, wet and sweet. As it dries, it starts to get dirtier and the green falls to the background.
  • Shimmering Gardenia (Amanda's) This one behaves badly with my skin. Not sure what it is. It is only up close, the throw smells great. Weird. The gardenia is gorgeous and the vanilla is warm and subtle.
  • Siberian Lust The mint in this one is yummy. The tea is creamy and softly spiced. Unfortunately, tea turns on my skin after about five minutes.
  • Silken Moonlight (Karmiel's) This was powdery. It smelled like deoderant on me.
  • Siren's Serenade A berry/fig note is the first one that I get when I smell this wet. A very soft, pretty and juicy berry/fig. As it dries, it starts to smell like a slightly fruity dry piece of bubble gum. It has that hint of sugary powder on the top, just like a fresh piece of gum does. It is soft and a very closely held scent. Not cloyingly sweet, and not "powdery" like you would normally associate the term.
  • Skelly Head Flambe Strong hot clove note when I first put it on, like clove crackling in the flambé flames. It dries down into a delectable sweetness with the fruit floating in and out of the spice and sugar. Definitely a fantastic fall sweetly edible scent that makes you want to lick yourself (or perhaps someone else will do the licking?)…
  • Skull Orchid This one smells like caramel apples with a hint of cinnamon.
  • Slave to Sin (bottle) This one was wonderful. Very creamy and deep. My skin chemistry happens to love roses. The rose is soft and subtle and sits behind the cocoa butter and vanilla creaminess. The carnation gives a nice hint of peppery spice, very subtle. It is like a soft victorian floral with some modern day sex appeal.
  • Smokey Kisses Strong cherry initially and then dies down to a nice smokey scent
  • Something VooDoo This Way Comes The peach and lavender both come out strong on me. It is a weird combo. I am not sure that I am digging it.
  • Sogni Incantati (bottle) The marshmallow is definitely there when wet. The vanilla is really warming and nice. This scent is very comforting and will make a yummy night time or bath scent! It dries down to soft, subtle and warm. Very nice. I will be getting a bottle to add to my arsenal of bedtime scents.
  • Soiled Dove Wet: tobacco and booze Drydown: The tobacco dominates everything else. All I can smell is tobaccoed sandalwood…
  • Sorceress (bottle) This is like a musky shadow, lurking around the edges of consciousness. It smells like I would think a shadow should smell. Musky, mysterious, almost dusty (but not quite), and grey. The dusty feel comes from the spices. It is not the typical spicy, it is more of a dry dusty spice. The florals feel "grey" to me. Not dark, and definately not springy or heavy. They are like a shadow of spring. I know this is a very vauge review, but I just can't get more specific. The best I can do is musky shadow... Always there, but always in the background. Watching and waiting.
  • Soul Food (hoarding) Wet, the sandalwood note comes out strong. As it dries down, the cinnamon and resins start to come forward. Very nice and not too strong. It is dark, dry and crisp. I love the sandalwood and cinnamon. The mental image that I get when I smell this is of falling into a high pile of raked dry leaves on a cool day (40-50ish) with the smell of smoke in the air from distant fireplace fires. Clear blue skys and the slightest breeze.
  • SouthernGothic 2008 Gardenia came out the strongest for me. A touch too green for my taste.
  • SouthernGothic 2009 I wasn't expecting to like this one. I have not been overwhelmed by the last two. However, this is FANTASTIC. The berry is perfectly tempered by the other dark and luscious ingredients. I have had this on for about 8 hours and I can still smell it. Not only can I still smell it, but it is still covering the SS4W phero that I put on under it. It has a slightly sweet, slightly tangyness to the undertones of floral. The floral really is the undertone. I am going to purchase a bottle of this one!
  • Spectre Potion I don't smell any peach on me. I do agree that if you like Hoodoo, you will like this one. There is something in this that smells like green wood to me. There is a resin of some sort in here, perhaps dragon's blood... I also think that I smell cypress, but am not sure. There is definately a floral of some sort creeping around in the background.
  • Springtime in the Valley This is a very pretty floral. I really like the jasmine. Usually, this flower is too overpowering. But, it is perfect in this scent. The rose is soft and subtle. On me, it is behind the other two flowers.
  • Stealing Xmas This one is very festive. I smell fruitcake and gingerbread with some festive potpourri. As it dries down, I can smell the raspberries coming out.
  • Sugared Almond This smells like sweet almond extract. A little too almond for me, but if you love the smell of almond you will love this one!
  • Sugared Amber (bottle) If you like amber scents, this is a must have. It is like having salt/pepper in your spice cabinet.
  • Sugared Amber Cardomom & Vanilla ( Ajias) On me, the amber is a beautiful light gold. The cardamom is dominant on me. It reminds me of scented Indian rice. The spice is subtle, but nicely alive. It is blended well with the vanilla, which is light and creamy.
  • Sugared Bonfire (bottle) Just like roasted marshmellows after a fall rain.
  • Sugared Cardamon Will add a nice touch of spice to those that are too floral
  • Sugared Carnations This is a beautiful soft peppery floral. It is soft, subtle and very feminine.
  • Sugared Cherries strong cherry flavor
  • Sugared Chrysanthumum I was surprised at how nice this one was. It was slightly spicy with a deeper floral that was just a whisper.
  • Sugared Cinnamon nice deep cinnamon with a beautiful amber foundation.
  • Sugared Coconut (bottle) Yummy.
  • Sugared Cream This one smells waxy on me. My skin did not take to it as I had hoped...
  • Sugared Dark Berries Nice sweet berry flavor. Nice layering scent for those that are too spicy or bitter.
  • Sugared Darkness Wet: the sweet champa is dominant on me. Sweet, with just a hint of darkness around the edges. As it dries, the Frank & Myrrh come forward. Delicious. It is what I think liquid gold should smell like. :)
  • Sugared Egyptian Musk (bottle) Faint musk. Definate necessity for winter layering to help soften florals.
  • Sugared Exotic Nag Champa (bottle)
  • Sugared Forest (bottle) The oakmoss and sandalwood were predominate on me. It was not as sharp as I expected for it to be. It dried down to be very nice, which was an unexpected surprise for me.
  • Sugared Frankincense and Myhhr (bottle) beautiful and soft. The myrrh is predominant on my skin. Both scents are softened nicely by a powdery sweetness.
  • Sugared French Vanilla A beautiful and creamy vanilla. It turned a little waxy on me.
  • Sugared Gerbals (Theresa's) (bottle) When wet, I smell chamomile with a sharp green note. This note settles pretty quickly (1-2 minutes) into a softer green. It is sweet, but not overly so. It is very pretty. I really like it. If you like Dreams of Avalon, you will like this one. I am not sure what the other herbs are, but they are nice. After it has dried down, it becomes a subtle comforting scent.
  • Sugared Hazelnut This really does smell like hazelnut syrup!
  • Sugared Heather (Ajia's) This is a beautiful rendition of Heather. True to the scent of heather. I love it. This is slightly green, so if you don't do well with greens - be forwarned. If you like Aura Armor or Pink Emerald, you will like this one!
  • Sugared Honeycomb Smells kind of plastiky on its own initially, then softens up
  • Sugared Iced Tea Tea does not do well on my skin
  • Sugared Lavender My skin ate this one up. Very light and almost gone within five minutes.
  • Sugared Lilies Sweet lillies
  • Sugared Magi I don't know what else to say but YUM! The fig comes out on top and the frankincense and myrrh are beautifully blended.
  • Sugared Mint (hoarding) Cool, icy and beautiful. It is very comforting and uplifting at the same time. Peppermint is known to assist with recall and concentration, so this would be a good one to wear to exams. It is also very relaxing to me and will be a perfect evening scent when I am relaxing with a good book. This smells identical to sweetened iced mint tea (herbal).
  • Sugared Moon Dust This one goes a little waxy on me. I am not sure which note is doing it.
  • Sugared Patchouli (bottle) Enjoy this one. It will be great to layer with some florals so that I can deepen/darken them and continue to enjoy them in the winter
  • Sugared Pomegranates This one is yummy goodness. I think this would make a perfect lotion and bubble bath combo! beautiful, soft, juicy and sweet.
  • Sugared Pumpkins Too pumpkiny and dark on me
  • Sugared Red Berries slightly waxy, but good
  • Sugared Roses (bottle)
  • Sugared Twilight I don't know what it was that turned on me. Perhaps whatever is in the "sunshine"
  • Sugared Vanilla Bean (bottle)The perfect vanilla for me. Loved it!
  • Sultry Afternoon doesn't agree with my skin. I am not sure what it was, but I have a feeling it might have been the currants. It turned to a slightly rancid wax candle.
  • Sun Catcher This one really is like sunshine in a bottle. I expected this to be very citrusy and it is not. The citrus is there in the background, like someone peeling citrus in the next room. More a hint of lemon than the other two. What the citrus really does is brighten up the florals.
  • Sungold Mocha (Luna's) I am not one that enjoys coffee anything. I have yet to smell a coffee note that worked with my skin. Until now, that is. This is fantastically smooth and the coffee is completely behind the scenes. More a feeling of caffeine than the actual smell of coffee. What my skin pulls out is the chocolate and the apricot. A wonderfully seductive mix. Very nicely done Luna!
  • Sweet Lorien B. The strawberry really comes out on me in this one. The rose is really subtle. In the bottle, this is fantastic. On me, it turns a little. I can't quite describe it other than to say that it is slightly "off". It still smells good, but I don't think it is how it should smell. It doesn't WOW me. I like it, but not a bottle purchase for me. I think it is the strawberry that is not meshing as well with my chemistry.
  • Sweet Nova The tonka is overpowering on me with this one. I can't even pick up the neroli or the amber. Sadly, my skin did not like it.
  • Sweet Revenge Potion Surprisingly, I liked this one. I am not typically a fan of the green/citrus combos, but this one really blends nicely with my skin. It is not a heavy moss green, but more of a flower leaf green. The citrus is definitely there, but subtle.
  • Sweet Valentine The sweet pea adds a nice floral touch to the sweet.
  • Sweetly Smutty Lusty Musty (Erin's) I love this! Dark, smutty and sweet. The title says it all. I have not smelled another LP that even comes close to being similar to this one.
  • Synchronicity (bottle) Beautiful blend of resin and musk. The vanilla comes out first on me and deepens as it dries.
  • Tabby This is a soft green woody floral to my nose. Despite the lack of florals, it has a soft floral feel to it. It is a little sharp at first, but softens right up with a little time. I enjoy it. It is a very good cover for the dominance, which can be a little overpowering. I was very surprised that this is able to be so soft and still cover the phero beautifully.
  • Tahitian Temptress I can instantly smell bright citrus notes when I put this on my skin, although I know that there isn't any citrus in it. It is odd. It makes me think of yellow and Sunkist candy. It smells like the old style lemon drops taste (not how they smell, how they taste – yes, I know that sounds strange). As it dries, it softens into a duller yellow with a definite citrus note that has a duller edge. The scent isn't sharp, but more rounded. Very nice and a great scent if you need an "upbeat" LP for the day. This would be an excellent one to have something like EST and A-Nol added to, to create your own little happy potion.
  • Tail This was very much like Mermaids of Alantis on me when I first applied. After it dried, it became more of a floral with a strong EOW scent. It fades too fast on me, and EOW is not a scent that I want to be left with after an hour. :beggingpleasesmiley: . I am sure this is just my skin, so don't shy away from trying this one. It smelled fantastic until it faded away.
  • Tamashi No Tomo The orchid comes out first on me and the lemon/lime is a little too sharp on me initially. It softens into a powdery finish
  • Tantric Butterfly The florals in this take a back seat to the sexy deeper notes. I need my dancing shoes with this one. It has a nice dry sandalwood base and smells just dirty enough to have earned it's name… :love: .
  • Tartly Spiced Pear (Maxine of Arc's) The cardamom is delicious in this one! The lemon is beautiful and subtle. The pears are ripe and sweet.
  • Taxed (bottle) The ylang-ylang is very comforting. I wore this to bed one night and my husband commented that this one smells faintly of cotton candy.
  • Teacher's Pest I am not very good at reviewing tobacco based scents, since we don't see eye to eye on how they should blend with my skin... That said, it is a softer scent that seems to heat up a little as it dries down. It is very pretty until my skin turns into some possessed devil that screams "no tobacco!"
  • The Feast of Tabernacles The apple comes out strong on me, followed closely by the peach. Too fruity for my taste.
  • The Good Witch This one made me smile when I put it on wet. It is sweet and playful, hinting at a just shattered innocence that still wants to linger. It is fruity, but not fruity at the same time. It is not foody at all, so don't let the word "fruity" scare you off. I am not typically a fan of fruity or foody scents, but I do like this one. It feels like the perfect combo of fall and spring. It is a bright fall scent that is unaware of the season's death that surrounds it, still holding tight to its innocence.
  • Thief of Hearts The watermelon came out the strongest on me when wet. As much as I loved this in the bottle, the combo smelled strangely odd on my skin. Not horrible wash it off kind of odd, more like a "what is that strange scent" kind of odd. Intruiging, but not alluring. I am not sure what combo it is that is doing it. Very sad, I loved it in the bottle.
  • Temptasia This one is fantastic! Soft and gingery. I love it. I don't even know how to describe it other than to say it is like a cashmere sweater that I just slipped on.
  • That Kind of Girl This one has a weird waxy spiciness on me. I am not sure which note is not my friend, but I soooo wanted to like this.
  • 'Til Death... Too woody on my skin.
  • Time Travel Potion: (bottle) Wet: sweet resins with a spike of floral. Drydown: a beautiful melding of florals and resins. It is sweet and "medium" - the resins are not too dark, they are dripping with soft sexy moonlight.
  • To Soothe A Broken Heart The mosses in this were a little heavy for me. The lavandar was also fairly dark (probably in combo with the mosses). I almost put it in the "trade" pile and thought I would try it on my husband before I did. I am sooo glad that I did. This smells fantastic on him. The mosses really sweetened up and the jasmine/lavendar were a nice addition, but definately not to floral. It has a soft lighter masculine feel. His neck was still kissably yummy when we woke up this morning (7 hours later). This morning he looked at the label and started laughing. All he could say was "so, does this mean I am a rebound."
  • Treacle Trollop (C & J's) (bottle) OMG, this is sooo much better than I expected! If you just love LP Black, you will LOVE this one! It is scrumptious. It is like we pulled out all of the best parts of Black and put them in a separate bottle. OK, now that I am done drooling... When wet, the patchouli is phenomenal and the vanilla has the same effect when combining with the patchouli that you experience in Black. The brown sugar and maple add a super sexy sweetness to it. As it dries down, it morphs a little and the patchouli drops back a little (but just a little, it is still noticeably there). The vanilla moves forward and the brown sugar and maple waft in and out. It is beautiful. The vanilla is warm and predominant. The patchouli is deeper and creamier. Aged, but moist. The brown sugar is sweet and moist and the maple is like a pure maple syrup. about 6 hours after application, the brown sugar and maple really came out to play. I kid you not, my hand smelled just like I had just opened a package of instant maple & brown sugar oatmeal. It was soft, and quite yummy.
  • Tropical Musk (Christine's) (hoarding) I love this one. The bamboo is perfect. Pale green and watery. The coconut is just brushed into the mix. Just enough to give it a nice creamy texture. The white and green musks are perfect. It dries down to a bright, slightly powdery green musky scent. Exactly what I wanted. A non-foody tropical scent. It smells like you have been outside all day in the hot tropics.
  • Tropical Temptation The mango and peach came out strongest on my skin. A touch too fruity for my taste.
  • Turkish Delight (bottle) Beautiful combo of sugar, spice and rose. Smells just like turkish delight.
  • Une (for women) This one was too honey for me. This is the unphero version of PheroGirl: Original.
  • Vain (hoarding) I love the dragon's blood in this one. It softens down into a cozy bed of warm spice.
  • Valentine's Chocolate Very sweet and chocolatey. Those that like chocolate will love this one.
  • Vamp Cafe I don't get the coffee directly. I do get the amber and berry notes. Beautiful. I love it.
  • Vampire Bait Starts out fresh and lemony. Definitely the lemon grass and lemon verbena up front. Next, I can feel the white sugar coming up. A slightly powdery feel. I think that the water lily and orchid are peeking through. Of course, my favorite note of all time (bamboo) is perfectly melded in the center. It has a strong grip on all of the ingredients and has intertwined with each of them. I like this much more than I thought I would. This is definately the Mrs. Harker kind of scent. Innocently appealing. I don't get any edible notes at all.
  • Vanilla, Cinnamon & Musk (Christy's) This is soft, powdery & sweet. The cinnamon is a faint dusting that is blended into a fluffy powdered sugar. The vanilla is also faint, like a piece of vanilla bean was stored in the sugar. Beautifully done.
  • Vicars & Tarts This may be my favorite out of this month's lineup. This is dark, sexy, chewy, sweet and flirty all at the same time. It is like the "smokey eyes" in a bottle, well the sexiness of it anyways. Feminine, dark and seductive. The resins give a fantastic undercurrent of mystery to the chewy sweetness that hits you first. It is like the scent is calling you towards it to see what else it might have in store for you later. I love it!
  • Victim (Hess' House of Scents) (bottle) Oooh, this is pretty. It makes me feel girly and sexy at the same time. Like wearing a pink lace teddy... I feel like I am walking through a garden on a warm June southern evening. The honeysuckle is soft and beautiful. A touch of green pokes its way through, reminding me that spring has just ended. Definatley an innocent smell when wet. As it dries down, the vetiver and amber start to come out and add quite the sexy note. This victim is not so innocent after all...
  • Violitious Turned on me. Initially it was a soft, subtle violet that just whispered hello. Then it cried out in a screech.
  • Voluptuous Vanilla (Ail's) This is yummy. Vanilla, vanilla and more vanilla. I had mine boosted with Open Windows. This will make a fantastic layering scent.
  • Voodoo Valentine Wet, this was wet juicy berries and freshly cut grapefruit. After it dried down, I could no longer smell the berries. All I got was unsweetened yellow grapefruit (I am sure this was my skin, not the scent). After an hour it was gone and I was left with the faintest whisper of incense where my test spot was.
  • WANT I am not sure what all is in here, but I can definately smell honeycomb or honey. There is some subtle fruit in here as well. It is yummy.
  • Warrior Heart In the bottle: it is filled with soft winter fruits. It is not foody or super sweet or citrusy. I also smell some vanilla. Wet on the skin: the sweet fruit tames down some. There is some hint of floral in here, but I am not sure what it is. I think I smell a hint of cinnamon, but that could be something else as well. Drydown: soft winter fruits, a touch of wine, there must be cream or honey in here as I can smell a very faint waxy note. This is soft and subtle and very well done. I am excited to see what this is going to smell like in a month or two. I agree with the grownup Frosted Cranberry, Mulberry & Plum reference. This one is not as heavy on the fruit and is less sweet. Much more sophisticated. Very well blended.
  • Wax Poetic This one is true to it's name. It is very waxy on my skin. I can't smell any other notes.
  • Wheat Siren This is a nice floral. The flour adds a nice powdery base. It has a darker sweetness, which must be either brown sugar or honey. I can also smell a hint of either nutmeg or clove. I think that there might be a hint of daffodil or some greener type floral in here as well.
  • Wine & Dead Roses (2009) (bottle) Wet, I was not at all impressed with this one. I got really strong wine. After it dried and had some time to blend with my skin, I love it. The rose is definitely there, but soft and powdery on me. I can smell some dark resins in the background. I was pleasantly surprised with this one.
  • Wishcraft This one is OK. If you like light florals, you will love this one. I tend to like the warmer or deeper scents. These don't stay with me very long.
  • Wooing & Wapture This one is bright and innocent. There is some sweetness, but not sugary or syrupy. It captures the sweet innocence of youth. This would be a great scent for kids or those that work with kids.
  • WYZ This one dries down on me to be a perfect blend of sophistication and softer femininity. It is a very close scent on me and isn't too fruity or too floral. It is almost masculine, but really not that. It has that darker note behind the scenes (likely the oud) that gives it that feel. It pokes through every now and then, but really just gives clarity to the blurred soft femininity of the fragrance.
  • Yin Ylang (Christine's) (hoarding) This is a beautiful and unusual combo. It is beautiful, sweet and relaxing. It is the perfect night time scent and exactly what I was looking for.
  • Yule Snuggle On me, this is like the soft lemon creamy filling from lemon sandwich cookies. It has a slight buttery overtone and a hint of ginger underneath, but I really get the creamy lemon icing or filling. It is delicious. I am so sad that I missed out on a bottle of this one. I scored a sample in a trade and am going to savor it.
  • Zigeunerwein reminded me of Clinique's "Happy"

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