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Monthly Sample Pack


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What 10 scents are included in this month's sample pack?

New Year's Evil ~ The scents of a wild New Year's Eve bash! Champagne and booze galore, a waft of pot smoke from the other room, a crowd of overheated partiers crammed closely together, and the last remnant of pine from the dying Christmas tree in the corner...


12th Night in New Orleans ~ A spicey creamy green scent for abundance and good fortune in the new year.


Ashes to Dust ~ Woodsy, dark and dusty, A potion for banishing, renewal, and needed changes.


Blessings for the New Year:


Wishcraft ~ I grant thee...a magical Wisteria based perfume filled with ingredients fabled to help wishes come true.


Kingdom of Dreams ~ Achieving begins with dreaming. A concoction of ingredients whispered in lore to encourage a fertile mind - a creativity and creation potion.


Essense of Luck ~ A citrus and floral delight - each and every ingredient chosen for its mythical ability to bestow the best of luck on the wearer!


*Goblin Market* Collection: Inspired by the epic poem by Christina Rosetti

Chapter One: Enticement ~ Enchanted fruits, red goblin musk, and woods of the glen.


Chapter Two: Seduction ~ As our story continues, we add to the first: incense, dark forest, and the scent of an approaching storm.


Chapter Three: Redemption ~ Our tale peaks with a combination of the first two, with added flowers of love, honey dust and fiery antidote.


New Sugared Scents

Sugared French Vanilla


Hope that helps!



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