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Pheros for Transgender woman (to attract women)

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I have a friend who has been in the process of transformation from male to female for about 3 years (on hormones, etc.) and she will be starting her surgical transformation late this year. I've never spoken to her about pheros, but I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge or advice in this regard. She hasn't done any dating, but when she does it will be with women.


Would pheros like est and things like cops help her? What about Girl/Girl (once it's re-formulated)?


I'm not sure when I'll speak with her about this, but I'd love any insight!! We've had a number of very frank conversations in the past, and I thought this might be helpful. Thanks!!

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I have absolutely no experience in this but I would think that if she is wanting to attract women then the softer & very feminine phero's like EST, Lace etc would be effective for her if she is attracted to the more masculine women, or the women who want very feminine women. They might help give her an even more feminine vibe than the hormones & the op do.


The social phero's and bonding ones like H&S I'm sure woud be great regardless or her gender/sexual orientation

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I agree with Rosebud's suggestions, as well as a light amt of cops...not alone, but as an ingredient in a phero blend....this from responses from gay female friends. Girl/Girl absolutely. And as I said, the reformulation I think is even better for that purpose than the original. Uniquely female pheros and hormones such as Est and Cops, DHEA, I would probably go in that direction.


I have had quite extensive conversations on this subject with one formulator, but usually in the context of males becoming females, and wishing to date men. It always came back around to "changing" one's pheromone signature convincingly, so as to be subconsciously perceived as a female and not just look like one.

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