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Kim's Resinous Rose

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Since the bottle I ordered is on it way; I couldn't wait to share my impressions of this great scent from the sample I got in the last order I received. The rose attar is the top note and dominates completely in a sensual full bodied way. The sandalwood is in quiet harmony and compliments the rose well. As for the amber, I wish I could've detected it more, so I hope as the scent matures the amber will become more noticeable with time. I really love this and I am glad bought the full size bottle. I think it would be great to have a fragrance featuring rose and amber alone together.

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I happened to find a sniffie of this, and it's a really gorgeous rose scent - but very deep and sophisticated. The rose really dominates well into the drydown, the sandalwood is layered beneath it, as if the rose were literally resting upon a piece of polished sandalwood. The rose has kind of a "juicy" feel like what you get with attars but at the same time I can sense the velvety quality of the petals, just slightly curling at the edges i don't really get the amber much except perhaps bolstering the sandalwood. But as someone who really enjoys a good resinous-type rose this is a great example of that style.

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