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I've tended lately to think of myself as "too old" for certain florals. Many floral scents I once loved now seem harsh. Maybe its a changing skin chemistry thing, maybe my nose is less accepting of poorly done commercial scents. And so,even though my husband loves the scent of wisteria,lilacs and freesias, I had stopped wearing those scents in perfumes. I have bouquets of such flowers in my home when in season.


And now,prelude out of the way,let me discuss the scent Wishcraft.


I looked at the description and decided NOT to get a sample because of those florals which have betrayed my love in recent years. *gets out tiny violin* But, as chance would have it, I got gifted with a sample of this in my most recent order. (thanks!) There is no harshness to the wisteria/lilac notes in this. The sugars "round" this out and make it softer,deeper and gently sweeter. Flower scents on a breeze. My husband calls freesia "the candy flower"..maybe some of that gentle sugar candy scent backing the florals comes from the freesia notes.


This also lasts longer than many florals do without going harsh or chemical. So now it seems I CAN once again wear these flower scents I loved so much. Husband is happy about that as well..he prefers me to wear florals rather than foody scents.


I'm going to go order a full bottle tonight before others discover how nice it is and buy it all up. :)

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I never have done well with light florals......my body's chemistry does something wierd to most of them, and some end up stinking to high heaven after my skin is finished with them.....


I put Wishcraft on yesterday afternoon, and it doesn't seem to have that problem.....even though my preference is the deeper darker scents, this one still smelled pretty good..... :) light and airy.....very nice.....

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This is lovely and perfect for the time of year - with spring coming - on me it's daffodils and narcissisi, great, billowing, nodding clouds of heady blooms. Gorgeous.


May :blink:


Yes, this will be a very nice springtime scent.....a little lighter than what I normally choose, but nice to occassionally use to switch things up........hope it helps to make my wishes come true!!

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This one is very very nice! (Thanks for the sample again mara, you're da best:) )


At first, when I applied it, it smelled a bit "off" and not right, it was a bit wonky. I was like hmm, dang! Cause I really wanted to like it.


But after an hour, the notes begin to behave properly on my skin, and it ends up being a soft, rich floral. I'm not much of a florals only person, but I'll definately be keeping my sample. Veddy, nice! I'm happy lol!

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In the vial it smelled like daffadils and spring, on it smelled like weeds/fresh cut grass, it was a real fresh green scent then the settled and smelled like soringtime. It was very airy and light dandilions and daffodils - all yellow sunny flowers. This would be a great springtime scent or something to wear when you want to brighten or lift your mood.


Definitely a keeper.

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I can't believe I never reviewed this. Djac gifted me a bottle & a sample. Initially I gave away my sample, passing it over. Once I tried, I fell in love. I nabbed up all the bottles I could in the sale. The intent is dead on. This is a scent I don't ever want to run out of!

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I'm surprised that I haven't reviewed this yet. I got a sample from one of my earlier trades and I love the scent. Very soft and powdery, something that I want to use on days when I want to be taken care of instead of spearheading every single thing in my life. I like the intent as well.


Managed to purchase a bottle off Beccah and I should be receiving that later tonight. Another one coming from another trade.

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  • luna65 changed the title to Wishcraft

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