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I wore my new Fest of Fools amped with MX-283 to work today, and I must say I like it.

I'm not sure it was due to pheromones, wishful thinking, or just me paying attention more closely than usual, but I did notice some changes to my mood today.

I've been moodier than usual lately, kind of depressed and in a funk. Today, I would kind of go back and forth from being in a good mood (!) to a more usual blah state. It was strange, because my mood actually seemed the best a couple of hours after I put the perfume on. Do pheros linger that long, or take that long to go into effect?

It's definitely worth another try, and I can't wait until I get some unscented phero sprays to see their effects, too!

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please correct me if I am wrong,

maybe this wasnt one of them,

but I believe MX283 is a "P74" ladies mix.

generally it has androtics test-pheromone P74...which turns out is very social, and a mixture of who-knows-which "womanly" molecules.

These could be TAH,TAL, anol,bnol,ect.


its basically a social mix for women,in a series of (?) 6 mixes.


did I confuse this with the others,anyone?

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