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Rosebud's Purple Amber Plum


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So I was bummed to miss out on this one because I didn't get to it fast enough in my time zone but thanks so much to the fabulous Fawn for sending me a sniffie in my package. :( This reminds me a lot of Nekomusume, with some subtle differences, mainly that there's a prominent more plum than Neko, so it's a fruitier, juicier scent, and that the background is also more sticky-resinous than the creamy vanilla of Neko. Now I'm a plum ho and adore both the sticky-resinous type and the creamy vanilla type equally, so to me that makes it equally delicious. Suffice to say I'm going to be clutching onto my sniffie of this for dear life!

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I really love this one too... I wish I had ordered more than one bottle when I did :(

On me it's more plum & creamy amber, I don't really get a prominent vanilla note. The vanilla makes the amber more creamy though. It's perfect for days when I want just a touch a fruit or tart sweetness rather than the creamy vanilla heavy scents I usually wear... In that sense it's like The good witch for me :)


I don't really get any resemblence with Nekomusume though...that one is very creamy and soft on me, a bit like creamed rice or rice pudding, I don't get any fruit with it.

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