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Psychic Readings...by Raven DeLaCroix

Potion Master

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If you are into having a life reading done for yourself or for a gift, I would like to recommend our friend Raven De La Croix, aka Raven De Lumiere, who has just launched a site where you can learn about and purchase her services online.


Raven is the most incredible 'reader' I have ever come across. She's not a traditional 'fortune teller'; a session with her is more akin to a very healing, inspiring, encouraging therapy session that makes you come away with enthusiasm, wonderful ideas about how to take advantage of your strengths, and an improved self image. She is an extraordinary intuitive healer, a very loving compassionate human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and if you choose to partake of her services, I know you will fall in love with her as much as I have, and benefit from her natural gifts.


Please check out her site here:


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Hello & Thank you Potion Master ~ My passion is to share the exstatic joy I've found ~ after years of lifes trials and tribulations ~ I actively sought the Peace and Warmth and Love that sometimes seems illusive in today's world. I secretly always felt "If you can dream it ... you can manifest it" I just needed to know how to ~


It is beings like YOU who listen to your own requests, then looks at the reflections that life offers you ... that is inspiring to Mystics who are of service to others.

Even if it is in contrast to what you feel you desire you wish to manifest ~ I finally realize how clearly we DO create/script our lives - despite the challenges and circumstance.


This discovery was very potent for me, and very quickly shifted my Universe around. I was then able to navigate quite excitedly in (what I perceive life to be) ~ the energy forest. Everything gives off a vibratory signature. It was like finding the biggest treasure to know and realize that ~ nothing is fixed ... that if you change your mind ... it changes your life. When you apply that idea to your own life and honor yourself ~ I found my life to have changed in leaps and bounds ... much like scripting a film and then jumping in to live it!


So dear one ... thank you so much for being a positive contribution to the Matrix and for adding to my understanding of how things work! I LOVE 'delving in' to come to the soul-ution of these 'maze-like' distractions that often keep us from being our authentic selves!


I am thrilled to have and an excited to share ~

the "how-to" navigate and acquire what I desire!

Information is Light & the way out is the way through!



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