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Hi, I have a question...


Some of the blends I've been using lately have Androstenone in them. If I don't use them everyday, do I still have a chance of 'None buildup? Also, what about if I use Leather consistently (I would always take 2 days per week off to let my neurotransmitters reset)? I know that 'None is a stick pheromone. Do I have to wash my clothes in a special detergent to get the 'None off my clothes??


If anyone could answer these questions, that would be great!

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first off, its always a good idea to use some oxyclean or baking soda with the clothes.

second, im a huge fan of giving pheros a break, but my theory is that transmitters to build up if the phero mixes you use have you feeling tired or moody all of a sudden.

I dont think everyone over-uses them and may not need the time off that others do.


some should have time off regularly.


if you feel awesome, dont worry about it!


'none build up to me is something that doesnt go unnoticed.


Ail or Diane will answer this properly,

but if you are not using 'none every day, I find it doesnt build up because your sloughing off skincells normally and buildup happens when you the body doesnt slough it off as fast as your adding to it.

Atleast that is my understanding.


I have never experienced "build up" but I have experienced using too much when I was liking my Edge for her and a few others.

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What Lor said -


If you are not using 'none every day you should not have a problem with 'none build-up.


Oxy-clean is a good idea. Also scrub your application points well.


I sorta do take some time off - but then again I am not really wearing them for self-effects ...


And like Lor I can't say I personally have ever experienced negative effects from build-up but I have experienced the effects of too high a dose on certain occasions.

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