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What's your absolute favourite OCCO?

Favourite OCCO  

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  1. 1. What's your absolute favourite OCCO if you can only use with ONE flavour?

    • White
    • Pink
    • Gold
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Black

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Have then all. In order...Red, White, Blue, Gold. The others are nice but these are my obsessions in order.


I read that Blue resembles cuddlebunny...

does cuddlebunny smell anything like baby powder? because I can't take powdery scents!

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BLACK, most definitely.....sweet but resinous at the same time.....it is one of my fave LP scents, as a matter of fact! It is wonderful with LP Black (another of my faves), but also great all by itself!


I find so many scents that I love and hate to see sell out, but no matter what I run out of, as long as I have LP black and OCCO Black, I can "get by"!


Please don't ever stop making them, ladies!!! :019-[Drooling]-[EmoticonKing.co

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I think a lot of people like Gold (I plan to get that one next, actually, when my bottle of Blue is finally empty), but maybe not to wear on a daily basis.

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White goes under every LP scent perfectly so I think it's most versatile.

ITA *and* it does fine by itself. HOWEVER, I voted for Pink because the smell is (even more) maddeningly delicious and, I think, covers (even) better for longer.

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Love my Red, it'll have to be pried from my cold......well you get the picture,lol.


:) :)


RED...and layered with Love Potion Red it is even more amazing,the dry down is the sexiest thing I have ever smelled...and self-effects,oh yeah baby,I get self-effects even the next morning!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pink and white is great too! I think Red and Purple are especially good at covering up.. I havent tried Blue and Green yet though. I love to layer Occo Pink under LP Pink.

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Whats your favorite OCCO for the summer?


I'm thinking of getting Red, Pink, Blue...




It's light and sweet and, for me, because I wear scents that blend well with pink while not changing the scent I'm wearing, it is my 'go to' for the summer.

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I had Pink on last night and for the first time (that I noticed) it had this awesome bubblegum edge to it. Then went to strawberry. My favorite thing about these OCCOs though (besides their effect) is how light the cover scent is. (I don't know how it can cover the cops while being so light) It gives you so many options to layer with other stuff. I love the flexibility.

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No one loves gold?



Definitely gold is my absolute favorite...though next in line(because i can wear it on a more daily usage) is white...it just seems to blend with almost every scent. and its light and the vanilla smells so yummy.


but Gold is my favorite....I think Gold is best for nightlife, clubbin, romantic dinner, etc



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