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Promise w/ Soulmate


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Can anyone tell me their experience with Soulmate? On the description it is said to contain the following: androstanone, epiandrosterone, alpha-androstenol, androstanone, androstenone, beta-androstadienol, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate


How come androstanone is listed two times?

and what is the difference between androstanone and androstenone?


Thanks guys!

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Probably listed twice by accident. The ingredients were copied and pasted from the manufacturer, and I guess the duplication slipped past me, sorry.


Can you tell me the difference between androstenone and androstanone?

is it the same thing?

thanks =)

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The lab that made that product for us claimed that they are two different pheromones. Other sites also claim they are different. Stone believes they are the same thing, with two different spellings.


Anyone know for sure?

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  • 7 months later...

I love the smell of this :) It's sweet gentle floral :ange: It turns slightly powdery and musky once it dried down a bit :)


It reminds me of the "honeymoon" period (first 3 months) with my bf, where everything was perfect... Every memory was filled with contentment, not regrets/ sadness/ arguements :love: The sweetness of the scent reminded me of the sweetness in love :jumpforjoy:


Not crazy powerful lust but a lingering deep gentle love....

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