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First time poster, long time lurker


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Hi all! I just got my order yesterday and am uber-excited! I have always been very sensitive to scents and their effects. I started playing with pheros a little over a year ago and eventually found this place. I look forward to making new friends and spending lots of money on this site!

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Haha, welcome! I've been spending more money than I had told myself I would (a lot more), so I'm glad to see you're starting out with some bigger expectations.

But it's so fun!

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WELCOME Polly! Welcome to the land of addiction!! We have lots of fun here!

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Hi Pollywolly!! Inspired by starlitegirl's recent kindness to me, I would like to send you some samples/sniffies as a welcome gift. Please have a look at what I have available & email me (email addy is in my profile) with what you'd like to try + your mailing info :)



Wow! Thanks everyone! Tyvey, that is so sweet! Sorry I haven't been around much but muh fella got back after being gone for 6 weeks then one of my litter got a tummy bug.


First go round, I got samples of Dangerous Games, Happy Ending, Cougar, The Captivation Equation and Cuddle Bunny. Also got freebies of 2 of Shelly's B's PE and Fawn's Celestial Dream. FCD smells like it would be a good B&B candidate because it just smells so fresh and clean!


Now I am waiting on another order and this time I got a full size of Cuddle Bunny because vats of it are not offered at this time. Should they ever decide to make, say, 55 gallons available in a drop down menu, I will be getting THAT!!!!!! My SO ALWAYS says "mmmm you smell good" when I am wearing this.


In addition, I got some samples of some new releases and a few others like, Betrothal Potion, LP Red and a couple others. And a big fat full size unscented cops just because, ya know, you can never have enough general purpose cops laying around!!!!


OOO!! OOO!!! I ordered some Mothership too because as a single mom of 4 kids 11 and under, anything that might soothe my savage beasties is worth a shot!

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