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Yo! Check us out in this week's IN TOUCH WEEKLY MAGAZINE, just out today!


We created a Custom Perfume for Jillian Barberie Reynolds of FOX's Good Day L.A. and FOX's NFL Sunday to celebrate her baby shower. The event was hosted by Chris and Bruce Jenner, and other celebrity attendees included Heather Locklear, Kim Cardassian, Constance Marie from the George Lopez Show and several of Jillian's costars. Each of the 60 guests received a 1/4 ounce bottle of our JILLIAN PERFUME, and Jillian herself also received a $250 one-of-a-kind hand-crafted beaded necklace with a cobalt perfume bottle pendant holding 1/4 ounce of her custom blend.


This gift was conceived with my fabulously creative friends, IN TOUCH Editors Kevin Dickson and Steve Gidlow. The latter may be recognizable to AMERICAN IDOL fans for his TV Guide Channel reports throughout the season...


And speaking of TV Guide...this week's mag has a writeup on the upcoming season of Stan Lee's "Superhero" reality show. Coincidently, one of my other bestest friends, Corey Sosner (CoreySosner.com) designed the costumes for this season and his work is showcased in this week's edition. :) YAY! (www.Action-Actors.com)


I'll post some links soon....

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Well, Intoxicating...we've got one package that we reserved for ourselves, and we're considering putting it on Ebay. We're still deciding, though. I think it is one of the most beautiful scents we ever created, and it was tough to make - not to mention stressful! Other than that one package which is identical to the ones given to the celebs and guests at her party, we only have 1/8 oz for us to remember it by. If we decide to put it up though, we'll let everyone know.

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Please? Pretty Please? I want to smell famous, too. I wish I was invited to that party, just for the perfume! On a different note, my Silver Mackeral Tabby Persian looked just like yours when he was a kitten. (He's 8 now) And he had a witch hat too, but he got too big. He has pumpkin booties for now :) Talk to you later! Your perfumes are the best, I just have to decide on a scent!

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