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Could someone please explain the way that tracking a package works?! The info is almost never accurate for me. For example: I had a package from somewhere else coming and this morning it had not updated in 2 days and was in CA. I go to the PO anyway, and there it is. It STILL says it's in CA!!!!! I have noticed this before. Does anyone know why this is? I guess I just kinda figured once it was scanned somewhere it would automatically update. Guess that's not how it works...

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Unless a package is sent via Priority or Express Mail, tracking is not a given. The post office says they "May" have tracking updates through the process, but it is not a guaranteed service unless it is sent via Priority or Express.


On a standard dely from LPMP, the package goes first class mail. There's been many times that my tracking # still said "Electronic Information Received" & it wound up at my door on the 3rd day.


Hope that this helps.

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