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Lynne's Journey of the Goddess


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(I've been having problems with things not turning up in search, so if a thread already exists for this one, sorry/please merge)


I just got a sniffy of this from the as-always generous M...and it is *exquisite*. That's the only word.


To be honest the description made me uninterested because Patch & I have never been on speaking terms...and the ingredients seemed like a "?" combo to me... but... they're gorgeously blended - after the initial POW! of dark chocolate (a very clean, bright, almost floral, chocolate, not milky or muddy or even that sweet), which quickly settled down -- the notes blend so fabulously I can't pick out any notes anymore. It's just sensual, intriguing, super feminine, and (though I hate this word, it's just right) CLASSY as hell.


ETA just noticed this actually has sandalwood, not patchouli...and I don't like sandalwood...must be ok in this one because it's sweet. hm.

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How can it be no one else has reviewed this?? I can't even find it on the LP page so I don't know what the notes are supposed to be. I have a sniffee of it and I get strong chocolate and something kind of like coffee. Neither of these are my notes so this one isn't for me I'm afraid.

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