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I got a sniffe of this in a recent order. OK, so, I haven't tried "Lace" yet I just figured I'm not a "Lace" type of girl (more of the "Leather type. I love Leather. Have I mentioned that I really LOVE Leather?) "Holy Euphoria, Batman!" The description says a "Woozy" amount of Alpha-nol......'Woozy, wha? Did someone say 'woozy? I'm sorry, I blanked out there for a minute."


Yeah, "woozy" I was stressed to the max, PMS'ing my brains out & had the headache from hell on top of it. Five minutes after this I couldn't have been more giddy & chilled if I was stoned (and this high is legal :) ).


On to the scent, Mocha Whirl. I never considered wearing a coffee blend, but I have to tell you, this is great! The Chocolate sweetens the Coffee & the Coffee grounds the Chocolate & prevents it from becoming too sweet. A brilliant mix IMO. I don't think I'd do this one at work (definitely not boosted anyway :) ), but I could do this on the weekends (Saturday mornings on the porch, while drinking the real thing)


Al in all, I'm glad I got a sample of this one & had the whole "Lace" experience.

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Paganlady, I am in total agreement with you on this. I lurv me some coffee but never really thought I'd like to wear it, especially since I'm not much on mocha coffees anyway. But I got a sniffie too and at first, I was all "oh cool...I get to try Lace" then I was all "ZOMG this smells so yummy AND I get to try Lace!!!" :)

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Not the first time because I just put on a little. I vowed to never let that happen again, however. So today, I slathered it on and I was WHEEEEEEE after about 10 minutes! Really. I was driving with my 7 year old and we had the best conversation we have in a looonnnng time too. Gotta get me some of that Lace. Maybe some LP Red boosted with it along with a bottle of Mocha Whirl with it if there are any left!

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