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Lisa's Candy Apple


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This has the RED APPLE! sunshiny opening punch, and crunchy glazy sweetness, that I expected, but it also has a warmth and substance, roundness, I didn't expect -- so much so that in the middle drydown I even get a "white chocolate" sense from it. The pink sweetness hangs out longer than the apple. It's straightforward, and not something I'd wear to a formal evening occasion or anything, but what a cheerful scent especially for summer. <3

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What a loverly and apt review ...ummm ,really interesting too that I did NOT see this post before deciding to wear Lisa's Candy Apple today :lol:


The first time I tried it way back when I got my sniffie it was tart green apple,just at the beginning,then later all the rest...now, for the life of me I cannot see how I could have.I like this a lot too,and am glad to have scored a bottle on the sale ;)

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