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Amber's Violet Pear Berry Enhanced with Cougar


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So i just got my package today and love the way it smells. I have violet pear and berry flavors inside enhanced with cougar. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but when I ordered it was single and now i have a boyfriend so i'll try it out on him tonight...yay!!!


This is the first fragrance so far where i absolutely love the scent. I think i might order one without the berry and see how is smells.


I also ordered the OCCO purple beta spray...it smells okay. I'm gonna turn my violet pear and berry roll on into a beta spray once i figure out how to do it. I've already ordered the bottle and liquid to do so.


N e hoo guys have a great weekend!

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I have Amber's Violet Pear Berry enhanced with Intellectual/w. Actually, there are just a few violet perfumes which I really like. This is definitely one of them. The violet is being mellowed by the pear. It's not really a fruity scent, and not too much floral either. I would rather describe it as 'sweet violet'. I used to wear it several times for my evening classes and I got many compliments on the scent.

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